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Be guided in a hands-on healing self-treatment

A downloadable guided practice of the Reiki Hand Positions for the Self with meditation music.

The Reiki Tenohira CD supports practitioners to move from a guided practice into their own intuitive practice. It includes an 11-minute introduction to hand positions (includes history, benefits and how to practise), 30 minutes of 21 guided hand positions for the entire body plus an extra 30 minutes of practise music for the practitioner to advance to without guidance.

Spoken by Bronwen Logan (Stiene) of the International House of Reiki.

Listen to a sample here:

How to download this CD

This downloadable CD is in .mp3 file format, ready for you to download onto your computer. You can then add them to your ipod, phone or burn them on a disc if you wish. You will receive a downloadable .zip file which when you click on it will open up. Click on a track and you can listen to it immediately.