We Can Only Heal Ourselves

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Healing ourselves is something we can only do ourselves, and we need to rediscover this for ourselves. We can be told again and again, but because most of the time we look for healing outside of ourselves, most of the time we find it hard to accept that all we need for healing actually is inside of us already. Healing means to make whole; this in essence is about rediscovering our true self, our inner bright light. Therefore, healing is not about curing. Curing happens when we go to a doctor and the doctor performs an operation to fix a knee problem, for example. Healing goes much deeper, to the essence of our being; it is about our heart-mind.

All the teachings of old point out that we need to look within and that real healing is not to be found externally.

The kingdom of God is within you – Luke 17:21

Of course sometimes we need external help to guide us in the right direction because we are so lost and do not know where to look or how to look within. But the external help is not there to save us or to do all the work for us. This external help is just there to guide us in the direction of looking within so that we can start to heal ourselves, heal ourselves from the inside out.

When someone comes for a healing session with me, the first thing I point out is that they need to set their intention to heal themselves. I remind them that I am just a facilitator to help them rediscover their own innate healing power, which they have had – which we all have – since conception. But often we forget this because within our society we look so externally. When we start to remember this innate healing power, we feel an inner strength, an inner power source, which we can utilize during our busy, chaotic daily life.

However, this kind of healing doesn’t always mean we will be cured. But even if issues we may have are not cured, we will start to deal with our issues in a much better way because we have a calmer more open state of mind-heart.

This kind of healing is also about self-responsibility. Within the system of Reiki we often hear that all we need is a reiju/initiation/attunement and presto! We can channel the universe in all its clarity. But if we think and look honestly, we know this is not really the case. The first issue with this idea is that we say we need to “channel” the energy; we see it somewhere outside of us. But take a clear look and notice that we are not outside of the universe but rather, we are smack bang in the middle of it; in fact we ARE it. The essence of the universe is as much within as it is outside, which means we do not have to channel it at all. We just have to realize that we are it: We Are The Universe. But this kind of realization is not easy to come by and this is why Mikao Usui put meditation practices within his teachings. 

By practicing these meditations, we realize we have a responsibility to remember our union with the universe, with God, with Buddha. This in fact is our innate healing power. And by remembering this innate healing power, we can start to genuinely heal ourselves.

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    Thanks, Frans.  A very good reminder for all of us.  I appreciate that you made the distinction between curing and healing.

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