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Below are some more quotes by Frans Stiene about the system of Reiki.

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Let go of worrying about before, after and during. 

The system of Reiki helps us to be peaceful, yet active, in daily life.

Often we get side tracked with all kinds of experiences, outcomes, hopes, fears, ‘am I there yet?’, ‘am I getting it’ etc… that we forget it is just about being, being in the present moment. This is why it is so important to just practice.

Practicing here and there is of no use, to really get somewhere we
need to practice everyday of our life.

To really practice means to practice everyday of your life and with this I don’t mean only hands on healing but meditating for at least 30 minutes a day on the precepts, the Japanese Reiki meditations or the symbols/mantras. Really practice. 

In the beginning we might feel Reiki (spiritual energy) coming out of our hands when we practice the system of Reiki, but with persistent practice we will feel Reiki coming out of our whole being. At this stage of our practice we realize that the hands in our practice are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Better to be clear, focused and balanced in the present moment than trying to see what the future holds or what the past was like.

The real reiju/attunement is in the mind.

Everybody can receive an attunement/reiju but not everybody knows how to receive an attunement/reiju.

The system of Reiki helps us to break free of the bonds of labeling everything. 

The essence of the system of Reiki is a personal spiritual practice and it is only after we have created a solid foundation within ourselves that we are able to work on others. 

Do you feel tired and depleted all the time? This is because your mind is constantly distracted by external elements. As energy follows the mind, this means that your energy is always directed outside of yourself. To remedy this, focus inward, bring your mind back!

The system of Reiki is not about how much energy we can feel or channel, but about how open and compassionate our mind is.

The essence of the precepts as taught in the system of Reiki is emptiness. This means that if we have embodied the precepts we also have realized emptiness.

Each person is different and therefore each hands on healing sessions requires different hand positions. If we perform exactly the same hand positions on each client then we practice conveyor belt Reiki.
Think about this, does the acupuncturist sticks the needles in the same spots on each of her clients? No of course not, she treats each client individually. Does the massage therapist do exactly the same massage on each client? No of course not, he will perform each massage according his clients’ needs. This is the same within the system of Reiki, when we perform hands on healing.

Often we think that hands on healing on others and the attunement/reiju is all about energy transference, but that is just a basic understanding. The essence of hands on healing and the attunement/reiju is having a specific state of mind. The state of mind
of inner peace, openness and compassion.

The more we become grounded, the more open we will become, this in turn will make us a clearer vehicle for doing hands on healings on others.

If we solely learn the system of Reiki to teach it to others we are getting side tracked. The foremost element in learning the system of Reiki is to improve ourselves. Without our own improvement and insights we cannot teach it to others.

When we just learn the system of Reiki to teach it, we copy the teacher, and then our teaching doesn’t come from our own direct experience. Better to start with learning it for our own personal self development and then, when we are ready, start teaching. This way we can teach from our own direct experience.

The system of Reiki helps us to break free of the image of ourselves, which we have shaped according to society and our upbringing, so that we can discover our true selves.

Direct experience makes all the puzzle pieces fall into place, without it we will wander around aimlessly.

We first need to copy the teacher so that we get a good understanding of the technique, but over time our practice needs to become more and more organic so that it suits our specific physical and energetic state of being. However this doesn’t mean changing the technique!

The most important thing a teacher can do is to encourage growth in a student.

To get the most out of the system of Reiki as a spiritual practice we need to generate 3 faiths: faith in the teachings, faith in our own personal practice, and faith in the teacher. Without these 3 faiths our practice becomes very difficult, but with these 3 kinds of faiths our practice becomes very joyful.

When we look deeply at the precepts we see; Patience. The more we develop patience the more we gain control over our anger and worry, which in turn helps us to become more compassionate.

When we re-discover our true nature we discover the true essence of Reiki and at this stage Reiki is in everything we do.

The most important thing within the system of Reiki is to purify your mind.

We can all do some kind of hands on healing, ‘distance’ healing, and reiju/attunement/initiation, yet this is just a basic level. The deeper we go within, re-discovering our true self, the more our hands on healing, ‘distance’ healing, and reiju/attunement/initiation start to change. It is only when we have truly remembered our true self that we really can do hands on healing, ‘distance healing’ and the

What does the word Reiki mean:
Rei can be translated as Spiritual, Divine, Mysterious and Ki as energy or essence, so what is this Divine Essence? Well, this is our True Self. And our True Self is nothing different than the essence of the universe. As they say in Japan ‘Ta soku ichi, issoku ta’ – ‘All is one, one is all’.

To really know how to show compassion to ourselves and others we first need to re-discover the universal truth, seeing things As it Is. At this stage we have discovered the deepest layers of compassion.

The more we connect to our true self/reiki the more openness, wisdom and compassion we have to help another person to heal themselves.

The attunement/reiju(spiritual blessing)/initiation is offered so that students can have an initial experience of their own spiritual nature/energy (Reiki).

For me, Reiki = spiritual energy = true self = the precepts. And we all know that after one, two or even 10 reiju/attunements/initiations we still get angry, worry, and are not humble, honest or compassionate (the precepts). So by seeing this we realize that it is not just the reiju/attunement/initiation, it is the whole system which needs to be practiced for the rest of our lives to really get to the bottom of it.

Reiju, hands on healing, distance healing, initiation, symbols, mantras, meditation, life, the precepts, attunement, you name it, are all one and the same when we start to tap into our true nature, no difference at all.

Energy follows the mind.
If our mind is always outside of ourselves, thinking about the future or past for example, our own energy is always outside of ourselves as well, which means we don’t have any energy within our own being to support our own healing!

When we realize that we are Reiki we will be at ease, at ease with ourselves and at ease in any situation we encounter in our life.

Connecting to your tanden/hara is a fundamental element in the Japanese system of Reiki. This will help you to build a strong foundation for the rest of the practices to rest upon.
Without this foundation it will be almost impossible to realize your true self/reiki. 

Shinpiden (level III) means mystery teachings – this level is all about discovering the mystery of our true nature, the universe, not just about teaching the system of Reiki.

The symbols and mantras within the system of Reiki are keys to unlock what is hidden within ourselves, our true self/Reiki.
This is why level II is called Okuden, which means inner or hidden teachings, it helps us to re-discover what it hidden inside of us.
Therefore we need to internalize the symbols and mantras. 

Yes we all can do hands on healing, but what if we do hands on healing from a place of no more anger, worry and fear, being in a state of compassion, wouldn’t that make a difference? Of course it would, this is why the precepts are the foundation of Mikao Usui’s teachings.

The most important element of Mikao Usui’s teachings is resting our mind on the precepts, so that we can lead a life without anger and worry, and therefore we can be humble, honest and compassionate. All the rest of the teachings, (hands on healing, meditations, symbols/mantras, reiju) are tools to help us to be in that state of mind.

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