Mealtime Meditation

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Eating correctly for a healthy lifestyle consists of more than counting calories or watching your fat intake. By following some very simple guidelines we can make our food more nourishing without altering our diet.

Not only will your attitude to your breakfast, lunch or dinner change but also your view of the world. The technique below is based on India’s Ayurvedic health system which evolved 3 to 5000 years ago. A truly well tried and tested technique for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Here we see this wholistic approach incorporate meditation with eating. If you’ve ever found meditation to be difficult (who hasn’t?) then here is a way to sneak it into your daily routine. Just try it once and we’re sure you’ll notice the difference in your food and your mind.

Ideally your food should be grown in your own garden for you to have full control over it but as this is often impossible lets start with the food preparation.

1. Cook with love.

The cook’s thoughts affect the food and therefore the eater so never cook when angry or upset as it is sure to lead to household upheavals (have you seen the movie ‘Como agua para chocolate’?).

2. Reiki your food.

This will raise the vibration of the food and therefore increase your own energy level after digesting it. You can also pray or simply give thanks.

3. Eat with love.

Always sit to eat, concentrating on your meal. Don’t be watching ‘Scream 3’ as your emotions will disturb your digestion. Try to sit with loved ones or in a peaceful atmosphere.

4. Eat at a regular pace.

Not too fast, not too slow. Savour each mouthful, digestion is aided by working rhythmically and at an appropriate pace.

5. Eat with your senses.

Listen to its sound, smell its aroma, tastes its flavour, chew its texture and see its colour. Appreciation of food travels deep into our emotions producing physical strength. It also stimulates digestive juices.

6. Eat freshly cooked meals.

Food that has cooled off or that has sat for a long time loses its essential energy passing little on to the eater.

7.A glass of warm water.

Should be drunken slowly with your meal to aid digestion. Cold drinks can numb our taste buds.

8. Eat when you are hungry.

And with the appropriate concentration you will be sure to not over eat.

9. Leave a space.

In your stomach of course. Being overfull leaves you uncomfortable and slovenly.

10. Relax for 5 minutes after eating.

Your body is now sorting out your meal and providing you with energy, vitamins and minerals. Give it time, appreciate this and notice the miracle.

11. Take a stroll.

A small amount of exercise will aid digestion. Lying on the left hand side, a la Romanesque, will also accomplish this after a meal.

12. Never waste food.

If you have cooked too much why not give it away instead of throwing it in the bin. Perhaps your pensioner neighbour would appreciate it or at the very least the local dove family.

Try it and notice the difference!

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