Experience and Realization

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by Frans Stiene

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Experience and Realization 3

When we practice the system of Reiki we often look for and chase after experiences. Some things we may chase after are feeling hot hands, seeing colors, hearing spiritual beings or sensing energy.

However, experiences will not last. They come and go and are like clouds in the sky. This is why it is so important to know the difference between experiences and realizations.

Realizations take us into a space in which we change profoundly. We may go from being angry and worried to being a compassionate human being. A realization is a deep change, so profound that it completely changes who we thought we were. Through this change we will not fall back into our anger and worry; instead, we start to maintain our compassion. If we have many realizations due to our diligent practice, we can even develop a compassion which does not change according to circumstances.

If experiences are like clouds, which come and go, then realization is the wide open sky. Like the sky, it is always there.

“The culprit that obstructs realization is grasping.” – Spacious Path to Freedom – Karma Chagme

The real culprit obstructing us from realization is grasping for experiences, holding onto clouds which cannot be held. And through this continued grasping and holding on, we can not start to see the wide open sky, our true nature, our essence.

This is why a good teacher will not place too much emphasis on experiences but rather will guide their students into realization.

Mikao Usui also pointed this out very clearly within the precepts. The precepts do not talk about experiences; rather, the precepts point out a profound deep experience in which we can lead a daily life, today, without anger and worry. With being grateful for whatever comes onto our path. Being true to our way and our being and with a true compassion that does not change according to conditions or circumstances.

Through ongoing and diligent practice, through living and embodying the precepts, we can follow the path beyond experience, into realization.

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  1. Avatar of Damla

    Beautifully delivered, as always 🙂
    I notice that I experience little “glimpses” of realizations during practice. These glimpses are usually about unconditional self love, compassion, big picture priorities, and emptiness. However after some varying amount of time passes following practice (sometimes 5 mins, sometimes 5 hours), I fall back into instant anger/worry. I try non-attachment and forgiveness, but not blaming or myself or not feeling demoralized has been hard. So I suppose, even for those of us who are not really after visions of lights and colors, grasping in all its forms can be a hindrance.

    1. Avatar of Frans Stiene Post

      Hi Damla,
      If we have a true realisation then there is no way back, so to say. If we get maybe some glimpses it is like we get a glimpse of the sun during a cloudy day but the clouds cover it again. But if we have a realisation it will stay sunny for the rest of your life. Therefore keep practicing and practicing…

      1. Avatar of Damla

        The metaphor is quite helpful and clarifies what has been going on for me. Seems like I gotta stay diligent and remain hopeful. Thanks, Frans!

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