Can Reiki help my dog’s lymphoma?

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Christmas and holiday wishes to you all, wherever you may be. A question received this week through our website was…

Q. My dog, who is 9 years old, was diagnosed with lymphoma and I have completed Reiki I – can I give him Reiki?

A. Yes, you can give your dog Reiki at any time. By doing this, however, it does not mean that you will “cure” him of this disease. Reiki is about balancing the body rather than trying to “fix” or manipulate any one aspect. And balance may come in all sorts of guises – not all of them physical.

We all have our journey to make in this life, as do our beloved dogs.

The important thing is that while we are alive we live with joy and a consciousness of the moment. Working with Reiki supports us, and our animal friends, to have that experience even if cancer is present.

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