Bodhichitta and the System of Reiki

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Bodhichitta is the intent or aspiration to gain enlightenment to benefit all sentient beings. Bodhichitta is a Sanskrit word. Bodhi means wisdom, and Chitta means heart/mind; thus it stands for a heart/mind full of wisdom. This wisdom is that we want to rediscover our True Self/Reiki so that we can help others to rediscover their True Self/Reiki.

Mikao Usui showed this to us as well in his precepts! Yes indeed, all we have to do is look deeply within the precepts, and we can find it there. The precept “show compassion to yourself and others” points towards bodhichitta. What does “show compassion to yourself and others” mean on the deepest level? Exactly this: that we gain enlightenment (resdiscovery of our True Self/Reiki) by showing compassion to ourselves, and this will benefit all sentient beings, by showing compassion to others.

Some might say that Bodhichitta is a Buddhist concept but in reality it is a universal concept; Bodhichitta is just the Buddhist name. Mikao Usui called it, “show compassion to yourself and others,” while other traditions might call it Universal Love.

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For Today Only:
Do not Anger
Do not worry
Be Grateful
Be True to your Way and your Being
Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

A heart/mind full of wisdom and compassion (this is our True Self/Reiki) is the real spiritual medicine Mikao Usui pointed out in his precepts, for rediscovering this will bring great inner happiness. And the blessing is that as we aspire to rediscover our True Self/Reiki, we can help others too, along the way.

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