“Way of Reiki” Teachings with Frans Stiene



This 9 hour video course by Frans Stiene will guide you through practices and teachings discussed in his book The Way of Reiki – The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui. Reading is one way of learning but when we can see how these practices are performed we gain even a deeper understanding of the way of Reiki.
This 9 hour course is a great compendium to the book which will guide you into the inner teachings of Mikao Usui so that you can take your practice to a new level. This course is great for any practitioner or teacher who wants to expand their knowledge and work from a more traditional Japanese approach.
In each video section we will be practicing and receiving teachings for 3 hours. These teachings are about the inner layers of the system of Reiki so that we can slowly start to lay bare our innate great bright light of compassion. It is a must for all Reiki practitioners and teachers alike.

The 9 hour The Way of Reiki includes:

How to prepare for your practice
How to perform kenyoku ho correctly
How to practice joshin kokyu ho and seishin toitsu in the right way
How to do hands on/healing as an act of meditation
How to get the best out of your personal practice
How to do hatsurei ho

And much more…

Watch it in your own time, you can watch it again and again so that you can really gain a deeper understanding of these inner teachings.

Frans has been teaching the system of Reiki worldwide for more than 20 years, these 9 hours video teachings are an accumulation of these 20 years of practice, training, and insights.

Teacher: Reiki Author and Teacher Frans Stiene

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“Frans Stiene’s 9 hour video course, based on the teachings and practices from his new book, The Way of Reiki: The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui, was deeply meaningful for me. Frans began the 3 days noting how important it is to fine-tune one’s practice and to practice correctly.  For me, the 3 days of teachings and practices went far beyond fine-tuning to really allowing me to get honest with myself and reinvigorate my motivation and the destination of the practice.  The 3 days allowed me to re-evaluate my intent and my practice; to re-commit, and re-invest right mindfulness and right action in the direction of holding and enacting a consciousness of non-separation with all beings.  It is indeed so easy to lose sight of that destination, as Frans cautioned us.Frans consistently showed wisdom, understanding, and compassion throughout the three days.  The pace of the teachings and practices during the three days were just perfect and were always presented in a gentle, encouraging, and inviting way.  I am thankful to Frans and the other students for an impactful 3 days, and I will continue to experience the ripples of that impact.”
– Elise Brenner, PhD co-author of Reiki: A Self-Practice to Live in Peace with Self and Others