The Way of Reiki – The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui


Frans Stiene’s new book The Way of Reiki is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

Endorsements for The Way of Reiki

This book is a masterpiece. Frans Stiene has brilliantly synthesized with clarity and simplicity the essence of the system of Reiki as a path of self-cultivation (shugyo) toward self-realization. The content conveys a depth of understanding of Reiki in the context of Japanese culture, arts, philosophy, and religions as a whole in a style that is engaging and illuminating. This is the kind of book one can read many times and still find deep insights into the nature of life, the universe, and being human. It is a must for Reiki teachers and practitioners as well as for those interested in exploring healing through body/mind unity, an essential concept in the Japanese arts and ways. – Veronique Frede Reiki teacher at the Japanese Culture Center in Chicago

I am not sure it is appropriate to call this “a book”. A better term might be “gift”.
There are no marketing techniques in this work. No drama. No holding back, to reveal the hidden truths in the big finish. Instead, there is the authentic desire to share something with others. Something that comes from love, and compassion.
It is possible to perceive the depths to which Frans has taken his personal practice. It stands out in the integration of the voices of other masters into his narrative. In the ability to see the common thread within so many spiritual disciplines. In the little nuances in the choice of this, or that word. We can see it also in what is missing in this book: judgement; opinions; labels; competition. Instead, there is honesty, simplicity, clarity. It goes straight to the point, like every spiritual teaching should be.
Frans is not trying to wow us with big words and fake promises. He is simply sharing with us the truth that lies in his heart: what he knows from his studies, and what he experienced in his personal practice. It is rarer and rarer to find such a teacher nowadays, so for me this is truly a gift, and not just another Reiki book. It is the printed expression of an ever-evolving gentle being who fearlessly, and joyfully, dances amongst us to show us the light.” – Fabrizio Romano – Director of the International School of Usui Reiki

I am a Tendai monk. The founder of Tendai Sect, Denkyo Daishi Saicho, stressed Doshin – Heart for the way, as of most importance. In Denjyutsu Isshin Kaimon, Kojo (Tendai monk 779-858) quotes Saicho’s famous words “There is livelihood in Doshin, there is Doshin in livelihood.” I have the opportunity to work with Frans Stiene upon his visits to Japan, when I had the honor of guiding him through Buddhist practices. I was thoroughly impressed with Frans’ Doshin and was struck with awe. In high regards to Frans Stiene’s Doshin, I have presented him with the Kesa – monk’s stole – which I received upon initiation to priesthood. Kesa is the soul of a priest. Having witnessed his Doshin and soul, both in person and through his books, I look forward to Frans’ further endeavors. Reiki is not merely a “technique,” but has a vital role in guiding one to reach “perfection as a human being.” The idea contained in the precepts, “just for today, do not anger, do not worry…” also is reflected in One Day, One Life by my teacher, Sakai Yusai Dai Ajari. If you want to know whether a teacher is a true Reiki teacher or not, all you have to do is to ask him what the true self is. Without the trustworthy insight of the true self, nobody can insist he is a true disciple of Mikao Usui. His books testifies that the author is one of the true Reiki teachers. – Takeda Hakusai Ajari

Frans is a teacher of teachers. He provides a crystal clear bridge for Western minds to journey into the true depth of the traditional Japanese Reiki teachings. He has devoted many years to understanding Mikao Usui’s perspective when he created the system of Reiki with dedication to his own practice which truly shines through his writing. Frans shows us that the true riches in the system are not in its external expression as commonly practiced, but in the internal unveiling of our True Self which naturally heals and illuminates the world around us. In my opinion, Frans is the most influential teacher living in the West and each visit to his work inspires me further. The Way of Reiki shines a bright light on the beautiful path to rediscover the light within each of us – it’s a guide to embrace ourselves (and each other) as the vastly beautiful Universe. I’m so grateful for his work! — Brighitta Moser-Clark, author of The Reiki Way

In his book, The Way of Reiki, Frans Stiene has grounded the system of Reiki solidly as a Japanese practice, art and way of life. Thoroughly researched and deeply understood, the pages of this book share gems that you can take away to support a clearer and cleaner practice. – Bronwen Logan (Stiene) co-author of The Reiki Sourcebook, Your Reiki Treatment, and The Japanese Art of Reiki.

Frans Stiene is a great teacher of the system of Reiki and a shining, fun light in the world. His new book; The Way of Reiki, is excellent for those who are interested in the system of Reiki and willing and wanting to explore it as part of a spiritual practice. I am grateful for Frans’ teachings which always underline the interconnectedness of all things, which has brought might to my own path. I am further delighted for this new addition to the wisdom he shares so lovingly with the world, which clarifies which clarifies what the world would keep hidden. – Kathryn Hudson, Reiki Master Teacher, and author of Inviting Angels Into Your Life and Discovering Your Crystal Family

I loved reading The Way of Reiki- The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui by Frans Stiene! A must read for the Global Reiki Community! Frans is living and experiencing what he is writing about and because of that his writings have a deep resonance. It is like a fresh mountain stream rippling through… bringing clarity and nourishment to everything it touches. Deeply grateful for Frans’s writings and teachings they have helped me to glimpse the deeper layers of the system of Reiki and inspires me to dig deeper into the practice. Thank you Frans Stiene for this incredible book. I am sure to read it again and again. – Maria Kammerer Founder of Attune: The Art of Reiki and Be the Light Podcast.

Writing about the “why” and “how” we practice the system of Reiki seems like a simple proposition. But like the system itself, it’s a deceptively simple one. It takes an immense depth of practice and understanding to explore these subjects and write such an illuminating book as The Way of Reiki. In short, it takes Frans Stiene, who has combined thorough research of Mikao Usui’s teaching with relentless spiritual practice. Stiene is not distracted by hand-positions or technique details. Instead, he goes straight for the heart of Reiki: the state of mind in which we practice to rediscover our true self. Through every word in this book, he shines his great bright light so we can find ours. —Nathalie Jaspar, author of Reiki as a Spiritual Practice: An Illustrated Guide and The Reiki Healing Handbook.

After a journey through a jungle of doubts, fears and misunderstandings, I may realize that the impassibility exists only in my mind. But now my way has surfaced under my feet through reading “The Way of Reiki.” I finally feel in a state of deep trust and connectivity and I see myself in great shape on the way I am willing to go. Compassion is the star that is leading me.

The requirement to recognise my own inner journey with and by Reiki as the foundation of a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I see confirmed in Frans‘ book “The Way of Reiki”.
With absolute comprehensibility Frans once again illustrates in a clear manner how to discover and live our True Self, and his authenticity in “Being Reiki” manifests itself once again in this book. He empowers us, he invites us to go on the way of fully recognizing, appreciating, and respecting ourselves. We are encouraged to realize our oneness with everything, step by step, by continuous practice and to spread this realization – especially as Reiki practitioners as well as teachers. Frans’ book teaches us to express the essence of “Being Reiki” in words. – “The Way of Reiki” – is in my eyes a wonderful must-have. – Claudia Kindereit – vice president of Reiki-Verband Germany

Softening the western veils around Reiki, this is a must read for all practitioners of the beautiful system! Frans reveals the true nature of Reiki, which when understood and practiced diligently, is much more than a hands on/off energy healing technique. Frans simplifies the complexities of inner teachings, by first emphasizing attention given to the foundation of practice. This book is clear and systematic, encouraging readers to engage in their own direct experience, thus touching the Way of Reiki, and ultimately revealing their own true nature. – Yolanda Williams – Host of Reiki Radio

I have no doubt that Frans new book: The Way of Reiki, is a true gift to the world, he is an incredible writer and wise teacher. In this book, Frans shares deep wisdom and knowledge that is easy for the reader to understand and digest. I am excited to soak up this book in its entirety and deepen my practice. – Jasmin Harsono author of Self Reiki: Tune Into Your Life Force To Achieve Harmony and Balance

Bevor ich Frans Stiene persönlich kennen lernte, hatten wir schon einige Zeit fachlichen Austausch über e-mails. Frans lehrt nicht nur Reiki und schreibt darüber, Frans lebt Reiki. Die Tiefe seines Wissens und die Ausdauer in seiner kontinuierlichen Praxis beeindruckten mich. Im persönlichen Kennenlernen erlebte ich ihn dann als äußerst lebensfrohe, sehr witzige, stets zu Späßen aufgelegte Person. Ganz anders als ich ihn mir vorgestellt hatte.
Frans ist für mich ein großartiges Beispiel dafür, dass tiefe Spiritualität und Lebensfreude, beide in ausgeprägter Form, keine Gegensätze sein müssen. Spiritualität bedeutet nicht ansatzweise eine Abkehr vom Weltlichen oder ein Zurückziehen in eine andere Welt. Es bedeutet aber auch nicht, dass Frans Schüler sich von intro- zu extrovertierten Menschen entwickeln müssen. Frans Unterricht – wie ich in seinen Ausbildungen und Retreats kennenlernen durfte – durchzieht, wie auch in seinen Büchern ein roter Faden: Es geht darum, sein Wahres Selbst wieder zu entdecken.
Jeder Mensch hat seine Persönlichkeit, seine Aspekte, die ihren Ausdruck finden wollen aber oft nicht können. Sie sind zugeschüttet mit Schichten aus Erfahrungen, Prägungen, ja Programmierungen. So zeigt uns Frans, wie sein Verständnis von den Lehren und Lebensregeln des Reikigründers Mikao Usui ist: Nicht nur die Kurierung unzähliger Krankheiten und geheime Methode das Glück einzuladen sondern als Wegweiser zu unserem Wahren Selbst, das dann auch gelebt werden möchte.
In diesem neuen Buch The Way of Reiki – The inner teachings of Mikao Usui betrachtet Frans diese Wegweiser und diesen Weg noch einmal aus anderem Blickwinkel, gleichwohl aus japanischer Perspektive. Die Grundlagen der Praxis werden in gleicher Gewichtung betrachtet wie anschließend die Umsetzung in den aufgeschlüsselten drei Reiki Levels. Nach meiner Meinung eignet sich das Buch nicht nur für Einsteiger in die Reiki Praxis, sondern lohnt wirklich auch für langjährig Praktizierende, da es noch einmal für die Fokussierung auf das Wesentliche sensibilisiert. Ich wünsche Frans mit diesem gelungenen Werk viel Erfolg und dem Buch eine große Verbreitung.Oliver Drewes, Autor, Verleger und Reikilehrer

English translation

Before I met Frans Stiene personally, we had some time of professional exchange via e-mails. Frans not only teaches Reiki and writes about it, Frans lives Reiki. The depth of his knowledge and the perseverance in his continuous practice impressed me. In my personal acquaintance I then experienced him as an extremely lively, very funny, always joking person. Quite different from what I had imagined.
For me, Frans is a great example that deep spirituality and lust for live, both in a distinct form, do not have to be opposites. Spirituality does to mean rudimentary a departure from the worldly or a retreat into another world. Neither it means that Fran’s students have to evolve from intro- to extroverted people. Frans’ teaching – as I got to know in his trainings and retreats – as well as in his books runs through a common thread: it is about rediscovering ones True Self.

Every person has his personality, his aspects, which want to find expression but often cannot. They are covered with layers of experience, imprints, even programming. Thus Frans shows us what his understanding of the teachings and precepts of the Reiki founder Mikao Usui is: not only the curing of countless diseases and secret method of inviting happiness, but a guide to our True Self, which then also wants to be lived.

In this new book, The Way of Reiki – The inner teachings of Mikao Usui, Frans looks at these signposts and this path from a different viewing, from a Japanese perspective. The basics of practice are considered in the same weight as the implementation in the three Reiki levels. In my opinion, the book is not only suitable for beginners of the Reiki practice, but is also really worthwhile for long-term practitioners, as it once again sensitizes for the focus on the essentials. I wish Frans every success with this felicitous works and the book a great deal of dissemination.Oliver Drewes, Author, Publisher and Reiki Teacher

I have known Frans Stiene on a professional and personal level for over fifteen years. His love for and commitment to Reiki and the System of Reiki, his diligence and commitment to research together with his willingness to share this research and knowledge is a great service to the Reiki Community. 

Reiki is first and foremost a Spiritual Practice and is the foundation stone that all Reiki teachings are based on. In his latest book, The Way of Reiki – The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui, Frans expands on this fact with clarity and in a way that is easy for readers to understand.  He outlines how to rediscover and to be at one with our True Self, rather than living in duality and to recognise that Reiki is more than a hands on/off energy healing technique. There are so many positive passages in this book that I could write a book on how important I believe it is for all Reiki Practitioners and Teachers to read it.- John Coleman – President of the Australian Reiki Connection Inc. – The Association of Australia Reiki Professionals

“In sixteen sweet and deeply profound chapters, plus a not-to-skip Appendix, Frans Stiene holds our hands on a deep dive into the Buddhist, Taoist, and Shinto philosophical and cultural frameworks and contexts through which Mikao Usui developed the teachings and practices of Usui Reiki Ryoho. Through the chapters, Frans weaves a strand of thinking, practice, and being that grows into a beautifully textured tapestry.  By the end of The Way of Reiki, this tapestry reveals the most significant warp and weft of the practice of the system of Reiki.  What is revealed?  That through a commitment to practicing the elements in the system of Reiki we can rest the mind in non-duality, in our innate spaciousness, and over time, experience freedom and peace. A must-read for students and practitioners of any spiritual tradition of wisdom and compassion.” — Elise M. Brenner, PhD, Brenner Reiki Healing, author of Reiki: A Self-Practice to Live in Peace with Self and Others.

Frans Stiene takes us deeper into the healing Art of Usui Reiki Ryoho, in his new book The Way of Reiki, by drawing on the teachings of Mikao Usui, traditional Japanese esoteric practices, and teachings of that time. Combining these with his own direct experience, Frans eloquently lays bare for us the essence of the system of Reiki and our pathway to our true nature, inviting us to push the boundaries of our own practice. An essential read for any Reiki teacher or student wishing to access the deepest most healings of the system of Reiki, for the benefit of humanity and our planet.
– Mary Hambly Editor of The Reiki News, New Zealand

Of Frans Stiene’s many invaluable books on Reiki, The Way of Reiki is the crown jewel.
After training with Frans across thirteen Shinpiden Reiki training workshops and intensive Reiki retreats, reading the hundreds of posts about Reiki from his blog and social media channels, and discussing innumerable topics on email and in-person with Frans, I have had the good fortune to get an appreciation of the depth of the system of Reiki.
Somehow Frans has done the impossible. He has packed all these teachings, great insights, and then some more into this fabulous offering, The Way of Reiki. Establishing the non-dual essence of the teachings in the system of Reiki, Frans leads the serious practitioner into realizing that the system of Reiki has been, is, and will remain a path to Self-realization at its core. If you are a sincere spiritual seeker, or a current Reiki practitioner or Reiki teacher, you are in for a great treat with this book. The Way of Reiki doesn’t just show you clearly the non-dual essence of Reiki, it points you clearly to the Great Bright Light that is your own real nature. It is a resounding reminder that you are Reiki.
– Sundar Kadayam, Founder of, Author of “Awaken: An Experiential Exploration of Enlightenment”