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Always wanted to know more about the energetic system that lies at the base of the system of Reiki? Read about the Three Diamonds and listen to Bronwen Logan as she guides you through them.

We’re not talking about the Indian chakra system which the West has adopted into the system of Reiki but the traditional Japanese approach to energy.

Who is it for?

Anyone can take part in this three week online program!

A great program for:

  •     Reiki practitioners who want to know about the Japanese aspects of the system of Reiki
  •     Anyone interested in meditation and strengthening their energetic connection to life

What is it?

You receive one email a week. Each email includes a meditation which you work on on a daily basis to develop your understanding and energetic experience of The Three Diamonds.

Developed by the International House of Reiki this program aims to enhance your connection to the Three Diamonds. The Three Diamonds are the energetic system that lie at the base of the Japanese system of Reiki.

This online program includes information about each of The Three Diamonds (you focus on a new one each week) and is comprised of a written and audio section so that you can develop your own personal understanding of this system.

This particular program is unique to the International House of Reiki. You will not find this course taught anywhere else in the world. No other teachers may teach it except its creators, Frans and Bronwen Stiene, founders of the International House of Reiki.

How does enhancing The Three Diamonds work?

Each week for three weeks you receive an email in your inbox.

Initially you will receive an extra email that confirms that your enrolment has been processed.

You will then receive another email with your own individual password into the student Forum on the student website – if you don’t have one already. You will have access to a general forum on the student website.

An extra bonus is that for each of the three explanations and meditations that you work through an AUDIO component has been provided so that you can listen to, rather than read, them.

Do I need to have studied with the International House of Reiki to begin this program?

No, you do not need to have completed any courses with the International House of Reiki to take part in this online course.

Are there tools to support me during the Program?

Yes, there are certain tools to help you if you so wish. At our Online Shop we have developed products to support meditators and you may find some of these useful.

The information from this program was inspired by Bronwen and Frans’ book The Japanese Art of Reiki.