Live Online Bright Light New Years Reiki Retreat | 2-3-4 January 2023


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Start the year with clarity!

9 Hour Live Online Reiki Retreat, each day 3 hours.

During this Live Online Reiki Retreat we will be focusing on rediscovering our own inner bright light, who we truly are. During the retreat we will practice traditional Japanese Reiki practices, focus on Mikao Usui’s teachings and concepts, and use some ancient Japanese chanting and meditation practices to help us lay bare this inner bright light of compassion and clarity.

Frans has been teaching Reiki Retreats for over 20 years world wide and is the co-author of The Reiki Sourcebook, The Japanese Art of Reiki and Your Reiki Treatment. He is the author of The Inner Heart of Reiki, Reiki Insights, and The Way of Reiki – The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui.

Join Frans Stiene and many others from around the world for this live online 3 day Bright Light Reiki New Years Retreat.

Dates and Duration:

Each day the Online Live sessions are 3 hours long.

2-3-4 January 2023

Amsterdam 7pm till 10pm
London 6pm till 9pm
Los Angeles 10am – 1pm
New York 1pm till 4pm
Australia (next day) 5am till 8am

This retreat will be recorded so if you can’t attend the live class you can still watch it at home in your own time.