9 Hour Online Retreat 2024



This online pre-recorded retreat will help you to deepen your practice within the system of Reiki. It consists of  3 x 3 hour video teachings to help you to refocus in your practice but also in your daily life. Often we get distracted in our daily lives and we feel we miss out on practicing our meditations. During this retreat Frans will teach you how you can integrate your spiritual practice in your daily life as life and spirituality should not be separate. His teachings are based on ancient esoteric Japanese traditions like Shugendo, Zen, Mikkyo etc…

Right practice is like following a recipe, and if we follow the recipe correctly we will get the right outcome. Remember that yummy apple pie granny used to make and now we don’t know how to make it anymore because we have forgotten the recipe?! It is just like that. During these 9 hours,we will follow the recipe of the old ancient wisdom masters of Japan so that we can lead a happier daily life in which we feel healthier, brighter and more playful.

Frans has been practicing these Japanese teachings for over two decades and trains regularly with a priest in Japan so that he can transmit these ancient teachings and practices.

Teacher: Reiki Author and Teacher Frans Stiene

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