21 Day Online Reiki Meditation Healing Journey




In this new 21 Day Online Meditation Healing Journey we will focus on different aspects of the system of Reiki. These aspects will be the Reiki precepts, hands on/healing, meditation practices like joshin kokyu ho and seishin toitsu, chanting, and reiju.

In the past we have done 21 Days Online Meditation Journeys focused on one specific aspect of the system of Reiki and now we are going to join these elements all together over 21 wonderful days. We start with one element and during the Meditation Healing Journey we will slowly add all the other elements, so that in the end you will have a perfect healing ritual which you can keep practicing long after the 21 Days have finished.

This Meditation Healing Journey is for beginners and existing Reiki Teachers/Masters who want to create a dedicated practice. As the precepts say:  業をはけめ gyo o hageme – practice diligently.

Frans has been teaching the system of Reiki for over 20 years, through his experience he can guide you in a clear and direct way on your Reiki journey.

The live online video sessions will be recorded and kept for a short time and Frans will also post additional teaching on the associated forum on the Ki Campus.

Join Frans and many others from around the world.

Teacher: Reiki Author and Teacher Frans Stiene

Who can attend: Anyone interested in the subject, no matter which lineage or level.

Length: 21 x 30 minutes

Can’t Attend?: Don’t worry, a recording of the class will be available at the same online venue shortly afterwards. Each recording will only be made available for a week.

Venue: Online at Ki Campus (you will receive password notification when you book in)


Amsterdam 10pm
London 9pm
Los Angeles 1pm
New York 4pm
Sydney 8am (next day)

To check what time the retreat is on at your local time, you can use this time converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Some feedback from the previous 21 day classes:

Thank you so much for the 21 day esoteric meditation practice.  It was so great to get together with people from all over the world to share and meditate. After 2020 and continuing… I found it very supportive and a great help in motivating me to continue meditating. I loved the practice itself. Its duration helped deepen my own personal practice and helped ground me.  It made me more aware of my own physicality and the energy within. My whole body was still buzzing with energy long after the meditation finished. – Christine

I loved it too and to add that I do the recording each morning as I can’t join live…yet, I feel like no time/space separation and like I was there with you all on the night before. Looking forward to Hatsurei ho Meditation soon. These 21 days sessions have been so so special. Daniela P

I really enjoyed this 21 day meditation!! It is much more fun doing it with a group and you of course Frans. I always learn soo much more than just the meditation we are practicing, and I really appreciate the laughs, especially in these challenging times! Katie D