Your Weakness is your Strength

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Your weakness is your strength

In the universe exist two opposite forces : Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang attract and flow into one another to create a harmoni ou s being. Yin and Yang are the essence of balance and harmony.

We understand this on a big scale, but do we really understand how important this is for the little universe: our own being.

Weakness – this is a word people often do not like. Somehow we have decide d that weakness is a bad thing. We want to be strong, powerful and we want to be perfect. But do you realize that weakness is your strength and strength only exists when weakness is respected.

Through the eyes of Tao, Yin (weakness) and Yang (strength) both exist within every one of us. No one can have one without the other. And each one has its reason for being there. The greatest reason is that we learn in our life journey through both our strength and weakness. In fact, we learn much more through our weakness than our strength, because weakness (Yin) is a chi pathway to the human heart and intuition.

It seems much easier for us to accept strength than accept weakness. This is largely because we think weakness is bad. There is no such thing as “bad” in the sense of nature. “Bad” only exists in the human mind. We often want to hide our weakness and try to change it in order to prove to others that we are strong. This hiding and changing game is not learning, it is instead a blockage to learning.

We know our true selves better through our weakness than our strength.

We understand much deeper through our weakness than our strength.

We learn much more through our weakness than our strength.

From the moment we enter into this world, we start a journey of learning – emotionally and spiritually. Learning is both exciting and painful. But no one can avoid it, and no one should want to avoid it. It is through it, and only through it you could know who you are and what you mean to be doing on this planet. As human beings, the connection we have is also through this journey. We share both the pain and the joy.

Both strength and weakness make you who you are. The strength gives you a deep connection with the external world, the weakness gives you a deep connection with your internal world.

There are three things that weakness connects us to: Truth, Understanding and Compassion. They are the three important things at the heart of healing.

So in the healing field, we say, ‘ your weakness is your strength ‘. Respect your weakness, being a learner does not mean being weak. Respect your truth, only when you do that, can you enter the heart of soul healing.

Li Ying – Qi Gong Teacher

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    Love this so much. It was a honor to meet you in ossining at mariondale. I went with a friend and didn’t know how important your words would be to me. Thank you for all you do in your teachings

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