Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense (An Excerpt)

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Frans Stiene’s Bright White Light

Internationally known healer Frans Stiene says that everyone possesses the ability to heal, if we are willing to develop the focused attention and sustained awareness that connect us with the inflow of universal light.

Frans’ own healing from the pain of spinal scoliosis began in India, when he was serendipitously guided in the village of Ladakh to a healer named Lha-mo. She went into a trance, put her hands on his shoulders, and used a wooden tube to suck out a dark, greasy red material from his lower body. Frans felt tremendous heat and his body awareness disappeared into a profound connection with what he calls his “true self,” his soul. In this awareness, his pain began to fade away and he cried in relief.

Frans did not realize it then, but Lha-mo had charged up his body with energy and changed his vibrational rate and patterns. Formerly a drinker and party-goer, he awakened the next morning with a desire to read about spirituality and bought books on Buddhism, Hinduism, and Ayurveda in the hope of learning more about his true self and healing his soul, along with the back trouble which had caused so much pain since age sixteen.

Stiene, a Dutchman, and his wife Bronwen, an Australian, found themselves on a light-filled spiritual journey from that point on. They studied Western Reiki in Nepal and then visited Darjeeling, India, where they felt that they had come home. Settling there for the next year, they lived in a house filled with the energies of high Tibetan lamas. Soon they found themselves at tea plantations giving free Reiki treatments to local people with polio, open wounds, and eye diseases.

During this year Frans experienced a strange series of visions. For weeks at a time, while in bed at night and neither awake nor asleep, he saw clear visions of himself pulling splinters, then chunks, of wood from his hands. Next came weeks of dreams in which he pulled metals, then liquid, out of his hands and body parts. Each morning, he awakened feeling massive amounts of energy in his hands. It was a purification process, a Buddhist teacher explained, and so it seemed. Frans felt more vibration in his body and his healing powers grew stronger. His back pain began to disappear, and his mind and emotions cleared.

In Darjeeling, all of the healers had spiritual practices, and soon Frans followed suit. He traveled to Japan to study with a traditional Japanese Reiki healer and a Tendai Buddhist martial arts expert. Returning to Australia, he studied with a Chinese Daoist healer. Each of these teachers emphasized the importance of a spiritual practice and self-development, so Frans devoted himself to meditation and to mantras that built up his capacity to hold and sustain healing energy. He explains that these practices help people “unlock what is inside of them, the true self, so they can connect with the bright, white light.”

Some thirteen years ago, Frans and Bronwen founded their Australian-based International House of Reiki and through it have taught many thousands of people worldwide to connect with the bright white light of healing. Their traditional style of Japanese Reiki, called Usui Reiki Ryoho, teaches students to connect with their true self and hold its higher vibrations without being physically impacted by them.

I traveled to Washington, D.C., in April of 2011 to monitor Frans’ brainwaves. Setting up in his spacious hotel room, I hooked up one Mind Mirror to Frans and a second one to his recipient, psychic medium Deborah Harrigan. To my astonishment, whether Frans was telling a joke or healing Deborah, he produced the yoga nidra “psychic sleep” brainwave pattern wherein only the lowest and slowest delta waves of the unconscious mind are present to receive and transmit energy from the Field. Chi kung healers produce high-amplitude delta waves, too, but presumably, not while talking and joking!

“When I am in this state,” Frans explained later, “I feel my physical body collapsing and my sense of separation disappears.” Remaining in what he calls the witness consciousness, he enters the “formless” in which he is aware only of energetic impulses moving through his body.

During our EEG study, Frans surprised me further by shifting into the out-of-body pattern of virtually flat brainwaves, meaning that his mind dissociated from his body to merge with the Field. This happened just before a huge vortex-like download of what, as in Malcolm Smith’s brainwaves, seems to be a connection with the formless energy of Universal Consciousness.

Deborah, a psychic empath, was able to “mind walk” with Frans into his yoga nidra and out-of-body patterns. When he knelt down a few feet away from her to send distance healing, within three minutes he flared into a high-amplitude delta-only yoga nidra pattern and a near-perfect godling, angelic pattern, which caused Deborah to flare into a succession of superconscious mind patterns.

Later on, she reported a sensation of energy moving into her feet and “blue lightning” moving up her legs. Paula Michal-Johnson, a Usui Reiki Rhoyo teacher in Pennsylvania who facilitated this study, saw a blue arc of energy enter Deborah’s feet and privately mentioned this to me well before Deborah said anything about it.

Frans explained that huge energy downloads are common during a practice like Shinpiden, the third level of the style of Reiki that he has formulated and teaches. I saw this in a series of group EEG-monitored studies involving five of his students, most of whom had the same series of advanced brainwave patterns as their teacher: tornado-like downloads of high-voltage energy followed by the superconscious mind and godling higher self pattern.

It’s important to say more about these powerful gamma waves. While gamma frequencies are momentarily generated in the brain by people engaged in creative “aha” insights, attentional focus, and the bliss of spiritual ecstasy—all of which produce whole-brain synchrony—the body is not constructed to operate on these super-fast frequencies. One must know how to build a “body of light” that can sustain them. This is the genius of Frans Stiene’s style of Reiki.

While Western Reiki teaches how to draw energy from the Field during healing and then disconnect from it, Frans says that the meditations and mantras used in traditional Japanese Reiki enable people to build up the current and sustain it in their bodies. They are supercharged by these high gamma frequencies, which surge into and through the brain to form new brain cells and circuits in intellectual, creative and memory centers.

Western Reiki healers experience the same energetic surge when they tap into these high energies. Gamma frequencies magnify everything in consciousness, positive and negative, until the brain-mind manifests the evolutionary body of light. (See the section on kundalini in the last chapter for the importance of managing the subtle energy system.)

By teaching his students how to connect with the soul and the great, bright light and how to hold and transmit these energies, Frans is transmitting what Lha-mo transmitted to him: the enlightened master’s shaktipat.

Stiene’s trainer in the United States, Heather Alexander, produced the same superconscious patterns while healing Irene Gubrud, an opera and concert singer, during an EEG-monitored session in New York City in early 2011. Heather held this pattern almost constant during this half-hour healing session and Irene resonated with it nearly the whole time. At one point Heather flared into the vortex download and two seconds later Irene flared into the godling, angelic pattern.

The superconscious brainwave patterns of healers affect recipients in special ways. According to vibrational biophysics, the higher the frequencies (most safely under 50 hertz) and the stronger their amplitudes, the fewer the photons and the more light they contain, which amounts to a “supercharge” from gamma-producing healers. On the other hand, most healing takes place between the frequencies of 1 and 30 hertz, where there are more photons containing less light in each one. So healers working in these frequencies provide a steady current where most recipients need them.

Studies have shown that healers intuitively “sweep” the recipient’s energy field to concentrate light where it is most needed. I saw this occur when Heather transmitted a protracted, high-amplitude delta band at 2 hertz, the frequency that heals the nervous system. This was right where Irene needed healing. As a teenager, she was thrown from an amusement park ride and sustained spinal injuries which left her on crutches for the rest of her life.

In this session Irene’s superconscious mind, flowing with light, applied to her body the frequencies needed for healing and repair. Harmonics to the fundamental frequency of 2 hertz resonated through her body at 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64-hertz frequencies in delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma, all united in a single, super-awakened mind pattern open to healing on every level. Irene reported feeling that her body and mind were vibrating at higher frequencies.

Irene is well acquainted with higher frequencies of light and sound. She and her husband, choral conductor Steven Finch, founders of Sound-Mind Connections, are sound clinicians who teach people across the United States how music influences brainwave frequencies, energetically heals the body, and rewires and evolves the brain.

The first time I hooked up Irene to the Mind Mirror, she had just listened to a gamma brainwave entrainment recording by acoustic guru Jeffrey Thompson. She immediately produced the brainwave pattern that I have introduced in this book as the superconscious mind.

For Irene and everyone else, the challenge is to attune to the higher frequencies of the superconscious and carry its godling pattern of perfection into the earth.

The Soul of Healing

Studies show that healing most often takes place in a narrow band of frequencies involving both alpha and theta at 7.8- to 8.0-hertz. These meditation frequencies lead us deeper inward to emotional healing and the sixth sense of the psychic soul, or outward to resonate with nature at 7 to 10 hertz, the average resonant frequencies of the earth. These “brainwave” frequencies of the earth, created by lightning strikes that pump energy into the cavity between the earth and her protective shield, the ionosphere, create standing waves that travel around the globe, according to a scientific measurement called the Schumann resonance.

It was always clear to me that healers, through their alpha-theta brainwaves, meditatively synchronize with the earth to tap into her energies of healing and growth. But it’s not enough to say that nature contains divine energy. The truth is more profound than that:

Mother Earth, the living heart of God, is divine energy. Like the heart chakra in the human body, she conducts us by harmonic resonance into superconscious waves of light, and in turn, steps down the Field’s frequencies into her frequencies. Life is all about the heart.

Reprinted with permission from 4th Dimension Press (A.R.E. Press)

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  1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi All,
    A footnote to the article 🙂   

    What I really transmit is helping the students to re-discover their own true self (Reiki).
    We all have it, we just have to remember it.

  2. Avatar of Elly
  3. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  4. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Just flicked through one of my books and read this and this is so true:

    “The reality is that no one has any more ki than anyone else; it is how we use our mind in directing our ki that really matters.”
    William Gleason – Aikido and Words of Power

    This is also why we need to work with our mind when practicing the system of Reiki. If we think it is just the reiju/attunement/initiation that matters, we are mistaken. The mind is the essence of the system of Reiki!

  5. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  6. Avatar of Kris Azzarello

    Really interesting article! 

    I do like her distinction that Western Reiki teaches us to tap into the energy for a set period of time and then detach and while you teach there is no need to separate from the energy,  there is nothing to separate from.  We’re all part of the same seamless cloth.
    Thank you.

  7. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Kris,
    Yes that is right. In many Reiki schools you just become a channel for a short period of time, but we teach that you are the great bright light and that we are not separate from this, nothing is. As you say, we are all part of the same universal cloth. The more we realize this, than there is no need to switch the Reiki on or of, it is always there and we can always utilize it.

  8. Avatar of seema

    Thank you Frans for sharing your amazing healing journey and your compassionate teachings helping the students to re-discover their own true self (Reiki).

  9. Avatar of Carmen

    Hi Frans :
    Please…help me to connect with anybody ( Reiki master or not ) who can train me to use the RAKU ( lightning bolt ) symbol to provoke a quick OUT-OF-BODY experience as Diane Stein dos.  The internet tells me that ” Reiki Unitario ” and Tibetan Reiki ” utilize the Raku for this purpose, but when contacting Reikists from these two Reiki modalities, they keep silent about my request…sounds like it is a well kept secret about the technique unless I take the Reiki training with them… but how can I waste money if they don’t tell me if I will learn what I am talking about in this message to you ?
    The above has to do with astral projection, which I had done in the past, but I need now to get control over my astral exits….and Raku is the answer, for the moment.

    PSYCHOKINESIS : I had an experience many years ago while doing energy transfer from the Sun to another person in front of me, when a strong energy came down between the two of us and did hit us physically that we almost fell to the ground and being separated about almost three feet away from each other.  I was the one calling down the energy from the Sun.
    Now I am getting interested in GAMMA WAVES which could be the answer for this energy that kicks people ( invisible energy ) and send them to the ground… as Theos Casimir Hamati Bernard ( from Los Angeles, CA ) and Morihei Ueshiba the father of Ai Kido did…

    Can you help me to find an answer to these two questions ?  I believe you could know.



  10. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Carmen,
    Your answer is not in the Raku, someone made that symbol up and claimed that it was Reiki etc..
    Your answer is also not in out of body experiences, because when you are out of body how can you benefit from the gamma state of mind in your daily life.
    Your answer is in making a deep connection to your hara/tanden, your innate centre as this calms the mind and therefore you go deep into meditation but as you stay centred it all happens inside of your body thus you can take that state of mind with you in your daily life, which means you will be less worried, angry etc.. in daily life.

    But these states of mind do not come easily, Morihei Ueshiba trained for many many years to be able to be in that state of mind. There is no short cut like a magical symbol or so.

    Hope this helps.

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