Why existing Reiki Teachers/Masters should take the IHReiki Shinpiden course

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I have taken the IHReiki Shinpiden course seven times now, with my eighth time coming up in a few months. This equates to once every year, with one year attending twice! I have the gift of having Frans Stiene come out to my area every year to teach Shinpiden.

Why do I continue to take this course year after year? Many reasons. First, I am in a different place energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every year. Not only do I teach all levels of Reiki and am a Reiki practitioner, being active with my clients, students, hospice patients, and my local animal shelter, but I am also active with my personal Reiki practice…immersing myself in the five elements of the system of Reiki for myself. This consistent commitment to my own relationship with the energy of Reiki fosters an accelerated healing and growth in me on many levels. So every year I come to Shinpiden as a different person, so to speak, which enables me to pick up on aspects of the teachings I hadn’t noticed previously and to go even deeper with the Reiki energy.

It might be hard to believe, but I am able to go deeper with my attunements, reijus, chanting, meditations, and even my hara breathing after each and every Shinpiden class. This accelerates my own healing and growth, which then accelerates my clients and students healing and growth as well. There is just no limit to how much of a connection one can make with the energy of Reiki! I am certain that I would not be able to achieve this without retaking the Master course.

Second, Frans is in a different place energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every year. He is a lifelong student and an authentic teacher. He doesn’t teach the same course every year. As he grows in this practice, his thinking shifts, his focus shifts, and his energy shifts. I learn new things each time I take Shinpiden, feel a deeper sense of the energy from Frans, and get new perspectives for teaching my own classes. Seeing his growth and development each year encourages me to continue on with my personal practice as well.

Another reason I re-take Shinpiden from the IHReiki is so that I can be immersed in the biggest Reiki energy I have ever felt for three days in a row (four days, if you count the extra day intensive, which I also attend every year). What other opportunity do we get to spend this amount of concentrated time actually IN the energy of Reiki? And with such a gifted and generous teacher? I always come away feeling more expanded, more excited about and committed to my personal and professional practice, and having had a huge  personal healing of some kind.

As a student of Frans’, re-taking Shinpiden with him gives me a chance to engage with my teacher, to get some questions answered (in person), to gauge how my practice is doing, have him see how my practice is going and make any adjustments in my daily meditation practice, and to work directly with him. When else would I get three to four days to be with my teacher?

Then, there are the relationships that are developed by taking the Shinpiden class. I can see my colleagues’ growth year after year, and they can see mine. There are special bonds that get created that continue on long after the class is over. Bonds of not only friendships, but of bouncing ideas off each other, of learning from one another, and for practicing together. Even if we go the route of becoming Reiki teachers and practitioners, we are not competitors, but partners, helping each other out along our journeys.

In every Shinpiden class that I have attended, there are Reiki Masters who are taking the IHReiki’s course for the first time. Without fail, someone (at least one person, usually most of them) remarks that this particular course provided the missing piece that they were looking for in Reiki. They knew they could take their energy deeper, and they knew there was more depth to the system of Reiki, and Frans provided the tools and the experience for them to find that missing piece. It’s so beautiful to see a long-time Reiki Master have their passion for the practice reignited!

I wouldn’t miss the chance to retake Shinpiden with the IHReiki for the world! I can think of no other way to considerably bolster my personal growth and healing, deepen my relationship to both the system and the energy of Reiki, and to further assist my own students and clients.

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  1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for writing this article.

    I always find it so interesting that many people think that once they have become a “master” than they do not need to learn more about the system of Reiki. But for me the system of Reiki is a life long practice, it never stops.

    The more we practice the system of Reiki from a traditional Japanese perspective, the more we start to peal away our layers. This helps us, not to go only deeper in our own personal practice, but also when we perform hands on healing or teach.

    We get many existing Reiki masters/teachers coming to our courses, and if they apply the system as taught within our course, most of them remark that they have never felt such a deepness, oneness, openness in their practice and teachings before. Why? Because we explain and teach the system from a more traditional spiritual approach which includes also a specific way of practicing which is not widely taught within the Reiki community.

    See you soon again Joyce, hope we both go a step deeper again in the upcoming San Francisco class.

  2. Avatar of Elly

    Thank you, Joyce and Frans, for reiterating the benefits of lifelong continuing education in Reiki. Reiki is a life Way, not a therapeutic technique like massage or acupuncture. And a Way is simply a path that one continues on always. Just as you wouldn’t walk a few feet or a mile along a road and simply stop, sitting down in the middle of the road and never moving again, those of us on the Reiki path should continue to go forward, at our own pace but moving, researching, reading, growing, and yes, continuing to attend “refresher courses” (note the core word, “fresh,” in that) with the teachers who inspire us, and to give them in our turn. Surely the greatest tribute to any Reiki teacher is when students return year after year, as so many of yours do, Frans. No doubt your humility is as responsible for that as your own quest to take your practice deeper and pass on what you’re learning.

  3. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Elly,
    So true, you don’t sit down in the middle of the road and never move again 🙂
    We always have to keep going, of course it is okay to stop here and there but we still have to get up and move again.


  4. Avatar of liesl
  5. Avatar of Yolande

    Thank you Joyce, beautifully phrased. You describe my recent experience in once again re-sitting the 3-day Shinpiden class. Every re-sitting feels like a warm bath. Meeting like-minded people, the possibility to exchange experiences and emerse oneself ever deeper in Reiki. Indeed, a further step and evolution of my own personal growth that will have that rippling effect to my surroundings. I feel myself blessed to have stumbled on Frans’ way of Reiki and his teachings. Perpetual growth, never stopping and never getting too old to grow more. And with a good deal of laughter along the way.
    And of course, thank you Frans for your continued sharing.

    1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

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