Why do my hands get hot when I do Reiki?

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Q: Why do my hands get hot when I do Reiki?

A: Many people feel hot hands when they work with Reiki. Though some may feel that their hands are hotter than at other times.

Hot hands is one of the ways that your body senses energy.

It is, however, a fallacy to say that your hands must always be hot when working energetically. Some people also feel tingling, pulsation or cold winds to name but a few sensations. If we begin to rely solely on physical experiences (or any other experiences) to know that the energy is working then we are not letting go and allowing the energy to do whatever is needed at that moment in time.

This would be rationalising the experience and would be a very ‘head’ oriented and, therefore, limited way to understand energy work.

What would happen if you were to do a treatment and your hands did not become as hot as previously experienced? What would that then mean? That Reiki doesn’t work? Would you lose your confidence, or begin to create an interpretation of your situation to “excuse” yourself.

In reality such a situation would mean that the phenomena isn’t there. That is all.

Phenomena is interesting, but it is not the healing itself.

Healing is not about you, nor about what you feel. Healing is when you move closer toward becoming whole.

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