What sort of energy is Reiki?

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One of the questions we had this week was:

What is the energy we are working with in Reiki? Is the energy we use for other energy work the same or different? Are they from the same source? Or are we just connected to the same energy in a different way?

Our answer was:

Reiki literally means spiritual energy or is often translated in the West to mean universal energy.

There can only ever be one flavor of universal energy.

No matter whether we practice Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga etc… the energy is the same but it is the method that is different in each of these systems.

All these practices have the same goal and that is internal happiness.

Different methods are developed overtime for humans as we are all individual and appear to require varied motivations and practices. There’s an old saying that sits well with this philosophy: “different strokes for different folks”.

There are some practitioners or teachers who state that they teach, or utilise, a different kind of energy, and this is generally because they wish to be seen as special or unique.

But ultimately there is just one kind of universal energy or what ever you may with to call it.

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