What Does Shoden Mean?

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Here’s a question we received on our website http://www.reiki.net.au this week:

Q: On your website I notice the word Shoden. What does it mean?

A: Shoden is the Japanese name we use for our Reiki I course.

We prefer to use the Japanese words for the class levels as the system of Reiki is a Japanese Art and Way. The International House of Reiki also teaches from a Japanese perspective. So, we look at what the influences were on the founder when he began to put this system together. We look at Japanese religions, philosophies and general Japanese culture of the early 1900s and see where they intersect with the practice of Reiki. We have written about this in our book The Japanese Art of Reiki.

Literally translated from the Japanese, Shoden means “First Teachings”. It is at this level that you will learn the basics of the system of Reiki. For that reason it is important that you study a course, like our own, that takes the time to give you a solid grounding in the system. This level is the bottom of the triangle of the system of Reiki, the base. Without a good base you will find it difficult to move on to delve deeper into the practice. We believe the system of Reiki is a life choice as it will affect every aspect of your life.

At the International House of Reiki we teach an initial two day course and have as back-up a weekly practice groups and/or an online student forum so that students can continue learning in a safe environment with their peers and teachers.

Our second level is called Okuden which translates as ‘Hidden or Inner Teachings”. This level of the system of Reiki entails looking inside yourself for hidden or inner knowledge.

Our third level, called Shinpiden, translates as “Mystery Teachings”. Here you delve even deeper within to discover the mysteries of life.

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