What are those Orbs of Energy?

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Here’s a great question we’ve been asked: 

Q: “What are those Orbs of Energy?”

A: Recently at one of our Shoden Reiki I courses up at the Tomah Reiki Retreat Centre in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney a student was taking photos when she exclaimed “What are these white balls in my photo?”

What was she seeing in these photos? We have named them Reiki Orbs.

At the International House of Reiki we have been fortunate to have taken photos over the years where energy can be seen in the shape of orbs. These photos have been taken not just by our students, but by us as well. When zooming into the orbs we see that they are often not just plain orbs but orbs with a specific pattern in them and that they come in different sizes and brightness.

To Reiki practitioners the idea of energy is a natural one. We can often feel the energy flow, some might only feel it in their hands while others can feel it flowing through their whole body. Some people might even see, hear or smell the energy.

Energy can not only be felt in the body but also in everything around you. Even those who are unaware of this natural flow of energy surrounding them have had the sensation of walking into a room and feeling suddenly uplifted, incomprehensibly sad or moved in some way.

These energetic balls are wonderful things to catch in a photo and can be a great motivator at times for those beginning with energy work or for all of us as a reminder that there are more things on Heaven and Earth…

What we all need to remember though, is that no matter what we experience, see, hear or smell during a Reiki treatment, course or practice evening, it is better not to become attached to it. These orbs are merely phenomena which, if we let them, can become obstructions along our healing and spiritual journey.

Interested in SEEING these orbs? Just pop along to this webpage in which we’ve compiled a number of Reiki orb photos from the last 8 years: http://www.reiki.net.au/copy.asp?id=reikiorbs.

And here’s an article (with audio) that talks more about the role of phenomena in the system of Reiki

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