What are the Benefits of Reiki?

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Sometimes it is difficult to talk about what the benefits of working with the system of Reiki are. They are so diverse and specific to each individual situation.

The concept of healing is to make whole and that is what we do with Reiki; we work toward becoming whole.

To become whole we need to draw many different elements of ourselves together; to get them to collaborate with one another to help “the whole” function to its best ability.

So when we discuss the benefits of Reiki and we state that it is good for this or good for that – this is going to depend upon one major factor – YOU.

What is it that you need to make you more whole? Whatever it is, it is definitely going to be something different to what your best friend needs as you have lived different lives, with separate experiences.

As the energy in your body moves and cleanses (we call this energy Reiki), it supports your natural healing ability. Yes, you are born with the natural ability to heal yourself!

Here’s a quote from a scientist, Candace Pert, who explains what that natural ability is. It comes from her book Molecules of Emotion.

Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine
“Each of us has his or her own natural pharmacopoeia—the very finest drugstore available at the cheapest cost—to produce all the drugs we ever need to run our bodymind in precisely the way it was designed to run over centuries of evolution. Research needs to focus on understanding the workings of these natural resources—our own endogenous drugs—so that we can create the conditions that will enable them to do what they do best.”

Coming back to Reiki – your needs are unique and therefore the benefits that you will receive from working with Reiki will also be unique.

You may feel relaxed, mentally clearer, experience pain relief, or feel more deeply connected to your spiritual nature. It may also help you deal with acute or chronic illnesses.

Your body will decide what it needs to become whole. By body, we mean every element that completes you; this includes your physical and non-physical self.

Your body decides what it needs and when. For this reason no two Reiki experiences are alike.

So, when you work with Reiki you may not know what is going to happen. Accept this and allow the energy to support your natural healing process. The benefits will become apparent.

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