What is Reiki? by Reiki teacher and author Frans Stiene.

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Many people ask what the system of Reiki is all about, in this 20 minute video Frans will discuss different aspects of the system of Reiki in a very clear language so that it is easy to understand. This kind of understanding is important if we want to take our practice to a deeper level. The more we understand Mikao Usui’s teachings the easier our practice will be and the more we start to embody the Reiki precepts in our daily life.

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  1. Avatar of Julie

    Great teaching Frans. Thank you. Lots of awakening and depth which took me into a deeper understanding. As a teacher it re-kindled some teachings that were lying dormant 😊. My ah ha moment was
    💕 “ Focus on the clouds and the mind/I has control. Focus on the Sun/Great Bright Light healing happens and our Ki is lifted.

    AROHA from New Zealand ❤️❤️

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    2. Avatar of Sharayah Beecham

      Thank you Frans for your generosity in continuing to guide your students. Much needed reminders in here. 🙏🏻

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  2. Avatar of Kevin

    Thanks for the video Frans!
    This morning I already felt myself sinking deeper into my meditation practice 🤍🌈

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