We Always Can Go Deeper

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Often, after finishing a Reiki class, we think that is it. We have gotten a certificate and now we don’t have to go deeper.

But the system of Reiki is so much more than just taking a class. Classes are just the beginning. Within a class the teacher not only explains the essence of the system, but also tries to facilitate change so that the students have a direct experience of their True Self/Reiki. 

In fact even Shinpiden Reiki III is not the end of the line but rather the start, for at this level we start to see and understand that it is a life long journey. That life becomes practice and practice becomes life. This comes from having the direct experience that the precepts can be incorporated into all we do. Not just when we do some hands-on/off healing on ourselves or on others, but in every moment in our lives.

By setting the intent before we start out on a class that we want to rediscover our True Self, to bring inner happiness into our lives, we create a clear path. If there is no clear intent we walk around aimlessly. It’s like if we want to start walking the Appalachian Trail, we need to have a clear intent of where to start and where to go. Otherwise we just walk around in circles.

The classes are in reality an initial experience, where we start to see and feel what is possible. But this initial experience is not yet a full blown experience which is infused in our daily life. After the initial experience of taking a class, now we need to practice diligently. Within the system of Reiki, these practices consist of meditating on the precepts, meditating on the symbols and mantras, meditation practices like joshin kokyu ho, practicing hands-on/off healing as a form of meditation, and performing reiju or “receiveing” reiju as a form of support for your meditation practice.

The more we practice these meditation practices, the deeper we go. The deeper we go, the more we start to integrate the precepts into our daily life so that all we do becomes infused with love and compassion.

This is why we always can go deeper; we always can be more compassionate and loving. The real aim is to be so compassionate that we can embrace the whole universe with love – or in other words, that we have realized that we are the universe and the universe is us.

Imagine what could happen if you could offer a client or student the whole universe?  Just imagine…

But right now most of us, including me, can not do this because of our attachments, fears, worries, anger, you name it. Thus, the more we practice, the more we let go of our anger, worries, and fears, the more grateful and compassionate we become, and the more we can offer ourselves and others. 

So if you begin to offer yourself the gift of diligent practice now, imagine what you could offer over time?

Just imagine…

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