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Buddhist monk Yusai Sakai, known for twice achieving “sennichi kaihogyo”, the 7 year practice of he Marathon monks, died of heart failure Monday, his family said. He was 87.

Senior Reiki Teacher at the International House of Reiki, Frans Stiene studies with Hakusai Takeda – a direct deshi (lineage disciple) of Sakai Ajari.

To mark Sakai Ajari’s passing Frans wrote this poem:


It was time
Sakai-san stood up
Stepped on a cloud
and merged with the universe


Read The Japan Times Obituary.

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    Thanks Frans for sharing this beautiful poem , it reflects the love and respect you have ,  brought tears in my eyes . You are so right about stepping on a cloud and merging with the universe. Very few people come in centuries to achieve this , we all need to go one day but we take with us is what it matters. Blessed are those who get to meet him in person , your teacher Hakusai Takeda is a direct lineage disciple of Sakai Ajari and you are learning from him and I feel blessed that I learn from you. Thank you for sharing your feelings through this poem with everyone !

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    Here are some quotes from Sakai Ajari:

    “What you do with all your might today will influence tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be an entirely new self. What happens from now on is immaterial-just live today to the fullest.”

    “Live each day as if it were your whole life.”

    “Within our practice is something called jogyo sanmai, and within that is shin ku i, or body, speech, and mind. Succses occurs when these three are in harmony.”

    “Life practice is finding one’s life path through the leaves and branches. Finding the root, entering from there, and persistently heading down that path.”

    “Even a blade of grass can be your teacher.”

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    Thank you for the quotes, Frans! I especially love the second-to-last. As for the grass being our teacher, that reminds me of Zenrin Kushu’s beautiful teaching, “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.”

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    Hi Elly,
    That is a nice quote from Zenrin-sensei as well.
    These teachers are so to the point, so direct, and their teachings are so simple yet so profound. So much to learn from teachers like this.

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    Thanks Frans and Elly for sharing these wonderful quotes. Yes , there teachings are so profound, direct and simple as I read some where ,  masters perfect their teachings by “reducing” , not putting all extra stuff but keeping it simple , direct and effective.

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    Pure, beautiful and touching.  Thank you, Frans and Elly for these words.  Frans, I know you are always sharing what you learn and do.  I am hoping you won’t mind if I share and adapt your poem when I write notes to the families of my hospice clients.
    I loved Sakai Ajari’s quote, ‘Life practice is finding one’s life path through the leaves and branches.  Finding the root, entering from there and persistently heading down that path.’ – always going deeper!

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    Thanks for allowing me to pass on your fine words.  Time for me to go out, walk and kick away the leaves and branches.

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    I completely resonate with Susan , time to go out , talk and walk , as all growth really comes from the earth and understanding the perfection of earth is really a first step like the old saying goes, “Why look far away for what is close at hand?”. I think Reiki Kanji points to that as well—perfection of heaven and earth Wind, rain, and sun come to us through the sky only , perfect .
    I love the quote- even a blade of grass can be your teacher.
    thank you Frans

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    HI :
    Can you tell me please, where can I learn the Reiki technique taught by the Buddhists ?
    They put the consciousness of the student out of the body as in an astral projection…

    They do that as part of their Reiki healings.



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