Usui-san and Reiki Practices for Mind Training

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When we start to look deeply within the system of Reiki we begin to see that Usui-san is really teaching us about our state of mind and how to work with the mind.

This, of course, makes perfect sense since we all know that energy follows the mind.

  • If the mind is distracted, our energy is also distracted.
  • If our mind is all over the place, our energy is also all over the place.
  • If our energy is all over the place, we do not have any focused energy within to heal ourselves let alone help others to heal themselves. 

So how did Usui-san show us that the system of Reiki is all about the mind?

Here are 4 examples of how Usui-san helps us to understand about the mind by practicing the system of Reiki. 


The first point of call are the precepts:

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest

Be compassionate to yourself and others

The precepts talk about a state of mind; a state of mind of peacefulness, openness, calmness, and inclusiveness.

The precepts do not talk about the physical aspect of hands on healing, which can only really take place when the mind is calm. This is why Usui-san placed the precepts at the foundation of the system of Reiki.


The second point of call is the meditations taught within the traditional Japanese system of Reiki. With each in breath we focus on the hara/tanden, just below our navel, this helps us to stay focused in the present moment. Each time we become distracted we bring the mind (and therefore also the energy) back to the hara. It is not unlike tying the mind to one specific point, so that it is unable to roam. By repeating this practice we train the mind to remain focused and to not become distracted.


The third point of call is the symbols and mantras. Mantra is known as a protection of the mind. It does this by allowing us to focus on one specific word and sound, giving us control over our wandering mind, and therefore protecting it from straying. Once again, we need to do this practice again and again and again so that we can become used to having a focused mind. 

This same can be said of our symbol practice. The symbol is a tool we’ve been given to support us in focusing, enabling the mind to stay with one focal point. 


All of these Reiki practices come under the heading of mindfulness training. To be mindful, we need to ask ourselves: what do we need to be mindful of?

We need to be mindful of not clinging to issues of the past, future, and present. And the tools within the system of Reiki are helping us to do just that – be mindful. 

So stay focused to bring your mind under control so that you have plenty of focused energy to heal yourself and to help others to heal themselves too.

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  1. Avatar of Elly

    Thanks, Frans, for addressing this issue and sharing some practical ways to implement it. Mindfulness training is so very important, not just for Reiki but to fully experience life and to progress on the spiritual path. In a world where distractions abound and people are encouraged to constantly multitask (not just at work, but even at home, as, listening to the news while preparing supper while talking on the cellphone), mindfulness training is more important than ever!

  2. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Elly,
    I agree so many distractions in our modern world, I think we kind of like to be distracted so that we don’t have to face our own issues.

    The deeper I go within the system of Reiki the more I start to see that Usui-san’s teachings is all about the mind.

    Without having a clear mind how can we have clear energy to help other people, in reality it is impossible.

    For example, there is Reiju, a spiritual blessing, if our mind is not clear how can we be in the right state to perform a spiritual blessing? To perform a spiritual blessing we need to be in a state of no clinging, no clinging to the past, present, and future.

  3. Avatar of Kris Azzarello

    Thank you, Frans, for such a wonderful, concise explanation of the Reiki practices and mind training!  It really is that simple and at the same time not so simple.  The not so simple part is OUR bad habits of clinging to scattering our energy (and focus) all over the place.  And this is why The Precepts are so wonderful.  Reminding us to stay in the moment, focusing on that moment.  I start each day with the recitation of The Precepts.  Such a simple practice, yet it sets the tone for my whole day.  And if for some reason I skip the recitation, my day does not flow as well; I get grumpy and irritated more easily and more worried about future events.  I have been working with the Precepts for years and and am more convinced than ever that they are the crucial foundation for my practice and my life.

  4. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  5. Avatar of Seema Sahoo

    Thank you Frans for this wonderful article.
    Deeper I try to go I understand everything is related to Reiki precepts- the state of mind.
    In reality “heaven ” is not a place but a “state of mind” but we try to run for that…
    The state of mind has been described nicely by poet Kabir das using Elephant as a metaphor who is ego driven due to size etc. rushes down to forests full of banana ( this material world , lust , desire etc.) and in olden times elephant were captured due to this nature of the elephant similarly our mind also gets imprison with these delusions seems.

    One needs to keep at it and also embrace what comes in middle of journey who knows what one finds—in the mind i.e. but it is what it is and that is 🙂

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