Using the Power of Nature for bad deeds… is it possible?

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Here’s an interesting question that one of our website readers posed this week:

If we can use the power of nature, is there is any guarantee that this power cannot be used for selfish things?

As Reiki is Universal Energy (which means the energy of absolutely everything – good, bad and indifferent) then it can, unfortunately, be used for selfish things. People can tap into the elements that attract them at various times in their lives and this is why self-development is integral for all energy practitioners. You need to work on yourself, not just others.

Without self-development some practitioners can be attracted to harmful ways for their own benefit eg. to create false rules or teachings to gain power over others, to support their own ego or for financial gain.

This pitfall lies in wait for everyone. As we develop energetically, we need to simultaneously grow an inner realization of the consequences of our actions. Are they harmful or beneficial for others? 

Not only do you require self-development but a teacher/s to guide you through this development so that you do not depart from the path of true self-realization. Teachers are there to ensure that you do not fall too far and when you do stumble (yes, we all do) they will support you to get back on your feet and steer you back onto the path of personal discovery once again.

In the Japanese system of Reiki, meditations are used to support students to grow in a gradual and practical manner. Step-by step.

You might want to read this article as it explains a little more about the composition of energy:Am I Channeling Positive Energy with Reiki? The Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-Healing will help you to find out more about Japanese Reiki practices.

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