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Recently I was one of the keynote speakers of the International Reiki Conference in Sydney Australia, organized by the biggest Reiki association in Australia, Australian Reiki Connection (ARC). Other speakers included Hyakuten Inamoto, Kathleen Prasad, William Lee Rand, and Paul Mitchell, just to name a few.

It was amazing to hear that most of the speakers spoke about the system of Reiki being a system to rediscover our True Self. Different names were used for this True Self: Buddhahood, True Energy, God Power, etc… but they all point towards the same thing, our essence.

It was a wonderful getting together of different Reiki teachers who have different ideas; we might teach the system of Reiki very differently and yet there was a common ground. This common ground is the unity within Reiki, our True Self, which we need to start to rediscover again. By creating unity among all the different teachers of the different lineages and teaching styles, we create a much more cohesive Reiki community.

The conference’s main focus point was the future for Reiki. The future for Reiki is clear: we need to build bridges between all the different lineages and traditions so that we all can rediscover our True Self, which in turn will help the world become a better place.

One other exciting point was that Animal Reiki was one of the main topics as well. To create a better world we also need to start treating our animals better, thus creating unity not just among different teachers and lineages but also between humans and animals. If we look closely, we are not that different at all.

But it was not just the speakers who came together in unity, it was also the audience who shared their ideas in unity. I will always be a student and as a speaker, I learned so much from the audience.

Yes, there always will be differences between the way we see Mikao Usui’s teachings, but as I always say; “one is not better than the other, just a different way”. So no matter what tradition you prefer or what your ideas are about the system of Reiki, let’s hold hands together. Let’s hold hands and walk the path in unity so that we all can rediscover our essence and start to embody the precepts in our heart-mind. If we do this, if we all embody the precepts / our essence / our bright light, together we will create a brilliant, radiant future for Reiki.

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    Hello Frans and Bowen,
    Some people learned from more than one teacher from different lineages, teaching, and “attunement” styles. I was also told that some lineages would not allow the students to use other variation of symbols than the one used during the “attunement” by the Reiki Teacher from that lineage. I read somewhere that the last “attunement” will “override” the previous “attunement” that the student received from the former Reiki Teacher. My question, what does actually happen when someone who is a Reiki Teacher learned a new system of Reiki and receives a new style of “attunement”?
    Any insights?
    Thank you.

    1. Avatar of Frans Stiene Post

      Hi Widya,

      A lot of teachers promote fear in their teachings, that is a way to control their students and which is very sad to see. What happens when you train with an other teacher and recieve another reiju, then all you do is grow. You either enjoy it and learn new skills and deepen your practice. Or you realize that that kind of teaching is not for you and you might learn on how not to teach.
      Hope that makes sense.


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