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I have had distance Reiki from Frans in the past and that was fantastic. I recently had my first live full Reiki session with Frans and let me tell you…it’s better than Raspberry chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge sauce and slivered almonds on top!! And no calories or guilt. It’s like being on your favorite roller coaster ride and being able to ride as often as you want without having to stand in line. It’s like being out in a raft on the ocean with a cool breeze and calm waves, floating you into unimaginable peace and calm…..aaaaaah. You get the picture. You just want more.

Before I had even met Frans I decided to do a distance healing session with him. I prepared myself as directed, by relaxing and being open to whatever I need at that moment. My life was crazy stressful and I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in forever. At the hour Frans said the session would begin, I immediately felt a “whump” of energy. Yeah, not sure what a “whump” of energy is, but it was yummy. I felt the glorious bliss for the full 30 minute session. That night I slept through the night so soundly it was crazy and woke up the next morning with a new feeling of peace.

The second distance healing was to help with back pain I had that was not going away. I went to the doctor and he offered muscle relaxers, but I’m not big on pharmaceuticals and historically muscle relaxers never helped me with the pain anyway. They just put me to sleep which I didn’t need at that time. Again, I prepared as directed and again a lovely “whump” of energy at the start and 30 minutes of warm relaxing energy. In about 24-48 hours my back pain went away…yes…completely and totally. This is pain that I had been suffering with for almost 2 weeks and had even taken off work because of it.

Recently Frans came to town and even though I had the day off from work, I hesitated signing up for a session…the time to get to the site… the cost…I have things to do… yada yada yada. I decided to take advantage and I am so glad I did. As I drove to the session, I was thinking about how I feel I’m at a crossroads right now and for the last 2 months I had been feeling like the quote from Iyanla Vanzant:

“There is no greater battle in life than the battle between the part of you that wants to be healed and the parts of you that are comfortable and content remaining broken.”

My comfortable and content “broken” parts were really fighting hard. Every time I renewed my commitment to my spiritual path, these broken parts found ways to derail me with unhealthy habits: eating, TV, sugar, cookies…the latter of which I really don’t even like. I wanted strength to heal and clarity to see how my current job and life fit into my true self; my dharma; my destiny. Not much to ask for, right? I did not share this with Frans, yet at the end of the live session, I drove home ecstatic with my new found clarity….which took several pages in my journal. 😀

Of course having a session with Frans in person and having a full hour was a whole new level of energy. As soon as we began, again that lovely “whump” of energy put me under it’s spell. I felt pure joy and light. I realized at certain times that I wasn’t breathing and I felt okay with that and didn’t feel the need to breathe. Of course, I did eventually, breathe. The point is there was no panic to breathe and when my breath returned it was calm, not gasping for air.

I find it amazing that the experience and what I got out of each session was completely different, but somehow exactly what I needed at that time for my greater good. It’s like the old joke: People were asked what is the greatest invention ever? Some mentioned medical science that saves lives, some said the airplane, some said space travel, etc., but one person said, “The thermos.” What? Why? Their answer was, “Well, it keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold….how does it know the difference??” 😀

How does it know? That’s the strength of Reiki. It does know exactly what you need. And if we let it flow freely, everyone benefits. And that Reiki light shines so brightly through Frans it will blind you…okay…not literally, that wouldn’t be good., but you get the picture.

So if you are deciding whether or not it’s worth paying for a healing session with Frans, either distance or in person, do not hesitate! Make the time. Sell your jewelry, your car, your house, your spouse, your children 😀 ….whatever it takes. It’s worth it!! This is one addiction that is good for you. I’m still in a most beautiful la la land. Thank the Heavens for Reiki and Frans!!!

Love and Light to you all.

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