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Here are the newest additions to the Tomah Reiki Retreat – our baby peachicks.

They were found wild at Mt Tomah and we have been looking after them since they were about 2 or 3 days old.

They enjoyed living in the bathroom up to a certain point but now that their feathers are through they are very happy to find them outside in their pen. Although they must be thinking “If only it would stop raining!”

We don’t know who are boys are girls but we are guessing at 3 boys and 1 girl. But that could change. We wont know till they’re at least 6 months or older.

They are the sweetest little things who will be roaming wild around the Retreat once they are a little older and can defend themselves better against the elements. In the meantime they are happy to be all together in their pen waiting for their cherished banana to be fed to them.

All the animals seem to be getting on fine with them, although Jasper the labrador looks a little piqued when the babies fly up and sit on Bronwen’s shoulder. He seems to think that they are interfering with his role as Grand Protector, but he also knows that if he were to take action against their incursions there might be repercussions. Smart boy.

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