Tomah Reiki Retreat Facelift

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What we want to do is to take the accommodation and experience for students up a grade. We have two projects in mind which we would love to have completed before our New Year’s Reiki Retreat from the 2nd- 6th January 2014.

Project 1. Replace the compost toilet (yes, it has never really worked even though it cost a couple of thousand dollars ten years ago!) and put in a regular old cistern that students will actually enjoy using:-).

Cost: approximately $2000 as we need to attach it to the sewerage system (which is about 70 metres away or put in its own sewerage system).

Project 2. The pond liner needs replacing as it has worn down and now has holes in it. Have a look at the image above! It’s been like this for 2 years but the quoted price of $6000 to fix it we always found too prohibitive. We’ve pondered this and we think we can do it cheaper with our own neighbourhood handyman (thanks John!). As the actual Reiki Room looks out onto this pond, getting it repaired would add to everyone’s enjoyment who visits the Tomah Reiki Retreat. 

Cost: the liner is approximately $2500. Installation with a liner and sand and labour costs is approximately $1500. So, $4000 in total.

* Indiegogo takes $420 in total for us to put this project up, so we need to add that to the total cost.

The two projects together will therefore cost at least $6420.


YOU can help. Basically anyone who has been to the Tomah Reiki Retreat or would one day like to come to the Retreat or may never come but just wants to help out. It doesn’t matter where you live – you’ll be doing it (if not for yourself) for your Reiki peers. We sincerely appreciate the help of anyone.


We’ve done a phenomenal amount of work to the Retreat over the last 10 years (built a treehouse, added animals of all shapes and sizes) but it can be very expensive to keep it all looking beautiful. There are a number of special attractions at the Retreat including the labyrinth we built with over 800 plants and the miniature temperature rainforest. We hope to continue to build the natural beauty of this environment and are very thankful for any help you can provide in doing this.



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