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Within the system of Reiki we see the precepts; they are the foundation of the system of Reiki.

They are:

The esoteric teachings to invite blessings

The spiritual medicine of having strayed from universal truth:

Today only

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful

Be true to your way and your being

Be compassionate to yourself and others

But what does ‘today only’, really mean? What is it pointing at?

First of all, today only, points towards the rest of the precepts. It doesn’t point to hands-on healing, or reiju, it points to the precepts in itself. This is important to realize as the precepts are the foundation for our own healing and for the system of Reiki as a whole.

Often when we think of ‘today only’ we think ‘oh just for today’ in a very simple manner. We kind of brush it off as a simple thought, a simple concept, oh just for today…

But from a very traditional Japanese perspective, today only means that in every action you do today you intertwine the precepts.

You weave the precepts into all the actions you are doing during the day. No matter if it is meditating, walking, working, sleeping, eating: you name it. In every moment, in every action, the precepts are interwoven into the fabric of your daily life.

When we start to weave the precepts into the fabric of our daily life, we start to infuse that life with no anger and no worry, we infuse it with gratefulness and being true to our way and our being. And we infuse our daily life with compassion to ourselves and others.

Through the practice of the Japanese Reiki meditations, hands-on/off healing, meditating with the symbols and mantras, chanting the precepts, and applying the reiju/attunement/initiation on a daily basis we can slowly start to weave the precepts more and more into our daily life.

This is the real invitation of the blessings; this is the true spiritual medicine. This is so that we can remember the truth again, being a true human being, without anger and worry, with gratitude and being true to our way and our being and being compassionate to ourselves and others.

So take the step today. Start weaving now, so that the precepts can enter the fabric of your daily life and that all the actions you perform today can be interlaced and infused with the precepts.

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