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A look at the International House of Reiki web classes through one students eyes.

I have been a practitioner since 2004, but it wasn’t until 2008 I was able to go to a Shinpiden class with Frans. The Shinpiden class and all future classes I have taken with the International House of Reiki have changed my life and my practice.

Each four week web class that has been offered I have participated in. The four week web classes started with Revealing the Reiki Precepts. From day one Frans was flowing with wisdom and guidance. He helped me see the Precepts in a whole new light. The class and teachings offered me a new way to utilize and work with the Precepts within everything I do. I came away from that class enriched and connected to my practice even more than I had ever been.

Next was the Meditations and Techniques class, I enjoyed this one very much too because again I saw my practice in a whole new light. I felt a deep connection forming within to the meditations and techniques in the system.

Hands on Healing in Depth was the third class in the series. I gained useful information and practices from this class allowing me to connect deeper to hands on healing. Not only for others in a professional setting, but for myself. This helped me make some connections to concepts I had learned from the meditations web class. I was able to experience directly what was taught in class in a simple yet powerful way with the guidance and support of Frans.

The fourth class in this series was Symbols and Mantras. I think I was most excited for this class because I really enjoy this aspect of the system. I also already knew coming to the class that it would be so beneficial to my practice based on how much I have grown, the deep connections I made and the experiences I have had from the previous three web classes.
This class was amazing and taught me so much about myself, who I am and how I connect to the symbols and mantras. I had more than a few direct experiences of things that were concepts before from this class, the homework we were given or the in class techniques we did. There were many people in this class, and each person contributed to make the class that much better! Each web class has had wonderful people participating and sharing their experiences and stories. This helps on so many levels. Hearing from others perspectives helps not only me and my practice, but it helps with talking and teaching as well. Coming together in these classes broadens our horizons and connects us deeper to our practice and our self.

We couldn’t ask for a better teacher for the web classes. Frans has a deep connection to the system of Reiki, the history of Japanese culture, and a commitment to helping others. There are great teachers and authors like Shunryu Suzuki and Thich Nhat Hanh whose wisdom and knowledge can be felt to the core. They each have a way of giving gems of insight that seems so completely simple on the surface. As you delve deeper you find that there are many layers underneath that simplicity. You only reach those layers through practice of what they had gently guided you to contemplate. (Shunryu is no longer living, but his words and wisdom live on in books like Zen Mind, Beginners Mind or Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness)

Simple honest wisdom and teaching from experience, this is what Frans offers in each class. If you have taken a class with him you may put him in the same grouping of those like Shunryu Suzuki and Thich Nhat Hanh. He is one of those teachers who tells you something and you go “Oh yeah that makes complete sense, I can see it that way.” Then he gives you a technique to practice and with practice there comes a time when what you said made sense has now become your own truth.

Each class offers many insights and connections to a deeper understanding of the system of Reiki. Through the homework and in class practice we strengthen our own practice and connection to self. We are given opportunities to have those things that were once concepts turn into direct experiences. This allows us to speak honestly from our own words of what it meant for us. This helps not only teachers, but all practitioners, allowing us to be clear in talking about and understanding the system.

Each class has helped me see the connection of “life” and “practice” and the unity of the two. I have gained so much from each class, each participant and all the homework. I look forward to more classes.

Each class also helps me keep a focused awareness of my practice; this helps me stay motivated, patient and practicing.

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