Those Amazing Trees

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We saw this beautiful video this morning at and it got us thinking about our Sequoia Reiki Retreat that is coming up in the USA in just two weeks time.

Those amazing trees! In fact, amazing trees full stop.

We can’t wait for those of you who are attending to taste this understanding of the magnificence of nature. 

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Animal Lovers: Jesse Rosten has the cutest video called Stella’s Day – watch it too :-).

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    Thanks for the video – so beautiful!  I can’t make it to the retreat but will be holding all of you in a special place in my meditation.  Enjoy!

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    I grew up in the redwoods of the coast. I did not appreciate them as much then as now. I was always in awe of them though. So regal and majestic. The forest so quiet sometimes. The fog as it would roll in veiled the trees. Sometimes you could only see a tree ahead. And deeper I would walk into the forest.

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