The System of Reiki and Vibrant Food Choices

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Since I became a Certified Nutritionist over 10 years ago and more recently a Reiki Teacher, I have wondered if there truly is a connection between what you are putting in your body on a daily basis and how that energy radiates out to the world.

How many of you practice the system of Reiki on yourself, your clients and your animal clients, yet continue to choose foods that might not be the best choice for your own spirit, mind and body? Do you feel there is a connection between being grounded in your body with the energy and the foods that you choose on a daily basis? Can you, for example, still be in your body and centered right after drinking a Mocha from Starbucks or eating fast food?

These are all excellent questions to think about when practicing the system of Reiki on yourself. I recently heard a lecture from a doctor who runs an amazing healing and cleansing facility in Florida on studies that they have done with how the brain literally shifts when choosing certain less nourishing foods. I knew in my own thinking that there had to be a huge connection here but now there is actual scientific proof.

I have learned a lot about my own health and well-being in the last ten years since becoming a nutritionist. I have also been practicing the system of Reiki for about five years. I have seen a huge connection between practicing the system of Reiki and what I educate my clients and myself about with vibrant food choices. I have personally been letting go of more and more animal protein in my own diet in the last year and am currently trialling a vegan lifestyle while also training for a half and full marathon to see how my body responds to this. It is amazing to see how much stronger my body feels and how much more endurance I have since let go of animal protein. I am not trying to advocate this type of lifestyle to anyone, but am just briefly explaining what is working for my own body at an energetic level. The main thing that I educate my own clients about is choosing (as much as possible) organic, local, and seasonal food. If you are going to choose animal protein such as chicken, turkey, red meat, eggs, fish, lamb, etc… then please either go to the farm yourself or get educated about where your animal protein is really coming from. Be aware that there have been recent egg and red meat recalls and this makes me very wary about the animals’ environments and living conditions.

I do allow myself some caffeine in the form of a small amount of organic coffee or dark chocolate as a treat, but other than that I really try and keep my sugar, caffeine, alcohol and consumption of processed foods down. I generally wouldn’t perform a hands on healing session on one of my animal clients right after drinking a cup of coffee or having a glass of red wine as I personally wouldn’t feel grounded for a few hours.

Since I have transitioned to more of a vegetarian and vegan diet and am eating lots of organic, local, seasonal fruits and vegetables with some gluten-free grains, nuts, a daily green smoothie and amazing salads… my body and energy levels have felt a radical shift of bliss. I am also feeling more grounded and present with the earth energy. I completed a 15 mile run with my running group last weekend under the redwood trees and along the Russian river and have never felt so connected to the earth energy before. I intentionally surrounded the whole running group with energy as we were running along the road and felt so connected with the trees, birds, cows, and the river. It was such a peaceful and magical experience. I generally eat a healthy breakfast before a long run and wait until after the run before drinking any coffee so I feel very hydrated and present energetically while running.

How do you feel about your own food and drink choices right now? Do you feel grounded and present when working with the system of Reiki on yourself or your clients? Do you feel there might be a connection? This isn’t about having to be a 100% health guru at all, but do you overall feel that your food and drink choices are keeping you grounded, helping you meditate easily, sleep easily, digest easily and think clearly? You might want to consider keeping a food journal for a few days to a week to really look at the choices that you are selecting on a daily basis and how those foods or beverages are making you feel. Are you drinking enough purified water throughout the day so your body is hydrated before seeing a client? This can make a huge difference in a Reiki session. I highly recommend staying hydrated throughout the day with purified water, herbal teas, coconut water or vegetable juices that you juice yourself or buy from a local health food store (my favorite is the Green Giant from Whole Foods with celery, spinach, cucumber and parsley).

I am grateful for seeing my own body, mind and spirit shift since making healthier food choices. I really feel that I am also responding differently to the precepts and symbols and have more compassion for myself and everyone around me. I am grateful for overall (90%) of the time choosing vibrant foods. I wouldn’t turn down a piece of home-made peach pie (my favorite).

Life is also about Living and Enjoying Blissful Moments. I just try and remember Balance in all areas of my Life.

Marina James-Galvin is a Shinpiden graduate of the International House of Reiki and the founder of Vibrant Health.

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    Thank you for sharing your experiences with food and drinks. I have been on/off vegetarian for almost 7 years and most recently, since I’ve been practicing Reiki, my body tends to reject certain foods and I crave more greens and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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