The Secret of Many Blessings Part 2 of 5 Healing Miracles and Manifestations Galore

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Healing Miracles and Manifestations Galore

Sundar 2

This is the 2nd Part in a 5 Part series. Read Part 1 here.

In the first 21 days after the Reiki Level-1 class, I started feeling the intensive flow of energy in me.  Clearly, the practice was doing something.  And I started doing healing work right away on family and friends.  And amazing things started happening.  I kept up my hands on healing practice as often as I could on myself.  Here are a couple of noteworthy healing experiences.

One late summer afternoon in 2001, I was sitting out on the deck in my backyard, with my daughter, trimming dead flowers and branches from hanging flower pots in our yard.  My daughter was barely 4 years old at that time.  Normally I’d give her kid-safe scissors, but somehow, absent-mindedly, I had given her regular adult scissors that day!  As we were doing our clipping and trimming, my daughter was standing opposite me, contributing her effort as well. And then I noticed that my daughter’s face was turning red, her lips were pouting, and she was about to break forth into a big crying bout.  I knew something had gone wrong.  I pulled out her hands from within the flower basket where it still was, and noticed that her left forefinger had a deep cut, all ready to spurt out with blood. Two things happened nearly simultaneously.  The ego went into a state of guilt and self-judgment and initiated a serious whipping frenzy of just how awful a dad I was to be so careless, and how horrible a person I was to inflict this sort of problem on her.  At the same time, the heart kicked into action to take over the proceedings.  I put her injured finger between the palm of my hands and started Reiki right away, telling her in a soothing voice that I am sorry she got cut, and that this is going to be ok in just a few minutes.  For the most part, I was in a state of stillness, periodically being distracted by the lashing from my ego.  About 15 minutes later, I opened the palm of my hands, and my jaw dropped open wide to note that the deep cut had just disappeared.  I meant just vanished.  Poof!  Wow!  With tears in my eyes, I hugged my daughter and thanked God for His Grace.  She ran inside the home yelling to her mom, “Amma!  Amma!  Do you know what happened! I had a big boo boo in my finger and Appa just made it go away.  He did Reiki magic and it went away!”  My wife was not sure what had happened, and couldn’t believe the story of the little girl, but was happy that she was still safe!  15-minutes of hands on healing, and a deep cut disappears leaving that part of the skin as if there was no cut before!  In my book of life experiences, that is a miracle, if I had ever seen one.

In winter 2001, I was heading out to Boston with a colleague of mine, who was the PR Director at Intelliseek, my startup company at the time.  As Chief Technology Officer, I was going to be a presenter in a couple of sessions at a conference on search engines.  10-15 minutes after the plane took off in Cincinnati, she put her hands to ears and it looked like she was in deep pain.  She was clearly having a tough time.  I asked her what was happening, and she told me that she had an ear infection recently but she thought she had healed.  I coiled back in horror.  Just a couple of weeks prior to that, one of my colleagues at work, returned from a couple of days off, after a trip to the west coast with a bad bandage around his ear. Apparently, he had traveled with an active ear infection, and the pressure of the cabin in the flight caused serious damage to the ear drum, causing him to be treated with steroidal baths in the ear and a massive course of medications to prevent the condition from deteriorating.So, here is my PR Director, sitting right next to me, travelling with a possibly lingering ear infection, and writhing in pain from it.  These were the early days of Reiki for me, and on the one hand, I knew what I had to do to help, and on the other hand, I did not have the guts to tell a coworker about Reiki, for fear of being ridiculed (after all, I was the logical, problem-solving, visionary Chief Technology Officer, sigh!).  When we got off the plane and were on the car ride to our downtown hotel, I mustered the courage to tell her this: “It is past 10pm and I’m not sure you can get to a doctor. If you can’t, I know of a healing method that might help.”  She asked me about what is involved.

I told her “Just settle down in your own room and call me on the hotel phone in my room, and I’ll guide you on what to do”.  These words just tumbled out of my mouth.  WTF!  All I knew was hands-on healing. What was I going to do over the phone? I had no experience of distance healing, or even knowledge of what to do.  I guess this was my intuition driving the words in my mouth directly without any judgmental interference.  In any case, she called me on the hotel phone at about 11pm, and tells me that she is ready, but it is hurting a lot in her ears.  I guided her into a series of deep breaths to relax, and had her do a bit of visualization. And in the mean time, I start my Reiki session from my room, with the heartfelt intention that she receives healing.  And she disconnected the phone in a few minutes.  I continued holding that space of stillness for a while longer and fell asleep.  8am next morning, I saw her at the elevators, all bright and cheerful, with no signs of any issues.  And here’s what she said about her experience the previous night:  “A few minutes after I got off the phone, I felt my attention spiraling until it reached a point where there seemed to be only one single dot there, and then I heard a loud pop in my ears, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, there was no pain, no issue at all.”  Her big wide smile was confirmation to me that she was completely healed.  10 minutes of “distance healing” over the phone with a person, when I knew nothing about distance healing, and a spontaneous healing of what could have been a situation which could damage her ears permanently.  This, in my book, is a miracle too!

I took my Reiki II and Reiki III classes in 2002 and 2003 with Susan Verghis, and then ART/Reiki Master with William Lee Rand in 2004.  And healing experiences like this happened often and in all sorts of diseases and conditions and with me helping people in person or at a distance.

But another strange thing was happening all these years from 2001 through 2004.  Not only was I encountering healing miracles, I began seeing my thoughts and wishes and intentions tumble forth into reality in a consistent, predictable way. This was weird.  Let me illustrate with a really colorful example:

It was early winter 2004. I arrived at my place of work at about 10 AM or so (as I usually do), and approached the elevators in the lobby. I noticed that the lobby was full of these bright green and red poinsettias, and someone was unloading these and arranging these.  In the space of moments, these thoughts ran through my mind — how beautiful these flowers are; how I’ve always wanted to go get one to put in our living room, but never taken the time to do it; how nice it would be if one of these pots were at home tonight!  That was it, and the elevator door opened and I got into it and forgot all about this during the course of my busy day! I returned home at about 7 PM or so, and noticed a large package covered with big brown wrap was sitting on our dining table.  I asked my son what it was and he said it is some sort of flower pot.  I asked him who had brought it, and he said some school kid dropped it off.  I turned the package over and did I get a huge surprise — a bright green and red poinsettia pot stared back at me.  I couldn’t believe it for a moment, and then I realized that heartfelt intention placed in a space of enjoying the beauty of nature in the lobby in the morning, had materialized!  With a big knowing smile on my face, I felt gratitude in my heart for this blessing!

This kind of manifestation experience wasn’t isolated.  This, of course, had me wondering what the heck was going on?  Surely this was related to my Reiki practice.  But what healing or energy work was involved in this sort of manifestation experience?

What was the secret of these many blessings? What could cause these extraordinary healings and manifestations?

For the longest time, I couldn’t understand it.  And then the insights started coming together to paint the picture.

It had to do with the Reiki precepts! Of course!

Sundar Kadayam is a Shinpiden graduate of the International House of Reiki.

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    Thank you Sundar for sharing these wonderful experinces , I particulerly like the one with your daughter. It must have felt really amazing to see that. Truly the mind , energy can manifest so many things with a egoless and compassionate heart.We are so much into duality that its so hard to see these things in our lives which truly are the “magic”. So inspiring , loved it.
    Thank you

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