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During hands on healing sessions there may be some pains that can re-surface or just surface because something is unblocking and moves, sometimes other than what could be considered as the “primary” symptom or main reason why the patient came in the first place.

A discussion about this on the International House of Reiki student site, the Ki Campus, happened while I was thinking about a friend of mine who is struggling with many difficulties: after having been nastily fired, he finds himself in a depression; I met him again two days ago, he was just out from a psycho-therapy session, and told me he couldn’t believe how much was hidden and was currently uncovering, well beyond the primary reason he came into this state. It was on a street sidewalk, we talked a bit, he was crying (peeling the layers almost always brings unwanted but comforting tears).

This experience and the discussion on the forum helped me (re-)discover/clarify many things:

1) The only intention, in a treatment or in a conscious meditative state with someone has to be both intentional and free of expectations, only the intention is “pure” i.e. “may the best happen to this person to fulfill his/her needs”.

2) Linked to that: compassion is not comparison, like thinking this person is unfortunate (sick, depressed… unfortunate for whatever reason) and I want to comfort him/her, because I can… because I am not myself so unfortunate… because I’m kind…
But comparing emphasizes separation, whereas COMpassion is all about unity (“CON-” = with).

3) Linked to that, and the fact that any illness or depression doesn’t define a person, and that I as the practitioner may also be in pain. Since unity is about no differences, there’s not a “sick one” and a “non sick one” in the Reiki dimension.

4) But at the same time we are all different, really, and there are all kinds of joys, needs and pains. We are all different but we are all made of the same Reiki…

I then pictured all this as if standing {} separate yet in union with the sun and moon, representing the universe which we are part of, the mystery of duality/non-duality {}, trying to burn the pain and generate light {}, to become one in peace (not only me anymore) {again}.

While writing this, I recognize that when you paint yourself in black ink as a {大} on a canvas made of solid and white Reiki: your feet are rooted in wisdom and compassion {明}, which, following the path you have drawn (yourself as {大}) can go through you vertically and horizontally; the Hara is the sacred place for the fire {光} ignited at the point where wisdom and compassion are continuously flowing to.

You in your Reiki state of mind:

(mentally painting yourself)

(igniting a sacred fire)

(rooted in wisdom and compassion)

And to summarize this in a treatment context: being both intentional and free of expectations {}, my intention is pure/has been purified {}, and this creates unity in shared Reiki {} (me and the other person and the whole universe).

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  1. Avatar of seema

    Hi Jerome love this article. Thank you.

    I remember that discussion on Ki campus and remember it brought out stuff.

    One thing you wrote that really stand out for me is—

    “Since unity is about no differences, there’s not a “sick one” and a “non sick one” in the Reiki dimension.”

    so true , its about compassion and compassion is not pitty and it is also not judgemental .

    Symbolism of reiki state of mind you wrote is beautiful , wisdom and compassion are interrelated and directly proportional , we keep painting and keep igniting inner fire to shine our inner self …

    Thank you

  2. Avatar of Katihy Jordan

    A wonderful post.  Love how you express the meaning of the symbols and the state of mind most helpful when sharing Reiki.  Than you.

  3. Avatar of Wind

    Hello! Searching for Reiki in Cambodia, I came across your blog/page. I was hoping you could tell me what you know of Cambodia’s Reiki, energy work, and other “Alternative Therapies”. My wife and I will be going to Cambodia from Thailand in a few days, and I am a Reiki/Energy worker who would love to practice while in Cambodia. Thanks very much, I enjoy your blog!

  4. Avatar of Frans Stiene

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