The Mystical Experience (or conversion experience)

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One way of seeing the conversion experience is, suddenly, finding
yourself able to look back on the entire evolutionary process whereby
oneself, as human being, sees deeply and completely into your origins.
Seeing in this the relativity of all things, and as a sensation, as if
mentally speeding through the universe.

This universe, which could be thought to digress itself into a point but
no, there is a beyond that last point, when the last (and first) thing
disperses into no-thing. There is a total seeing of everything, all at
once, in a rush of speed. This necessarily overwhelms the consciousness,
which is as if flooded. The White Light is a light containing all
colours. Just so, in the end/beginning there is the White Light but
devoid of white – beyond the white-not-black. Blackness is commonly
understood to be what’s left when there is no light. But we cannot have
a real word for nothingness – rather, there is the sensation and
oblivion of everything-at-once which is beyond anything and beyond
colour. There is the grandeur of the whole scheme. The designer and the
design and the designed are conjoined. Immediately there is the breaking
through, which is a rebirth into the Now of being. Back to square one.
However, all of what is, is seen ‘in a different light’. No thing has
changed except the me. I am real, complete, and there is no message.

The only path or course thereafter is sharing this reality with others.
Thinking, writing, speaking with/in this new dimension, symbolically
say, the seventh – 1) Black Absolute, 2) Point, 3) Line, 4) Square, 5)
Box, 6) Box moving in a direction, 7) Circle (all everywhere at once or
exploded box). But no difference between point and circle, or, one
hundred percent difference but both extremes hitting-bursting through
the limits. This experience takes us beyond the limits – only then are
we real.

Our creator and our self are not two. That which created us placed
within us that proclivity to trace our journey. The prodigal son returns
home. Being there, home becomes HOME which in turn becomes home. Simply where we live. Where I live. Here.

The struggle for justice, for human rights, against the poverty,
discrimination and violence, is a necessary action of conscious man. If
a majority cannot reach this finalising moment, then, at least, they
deserve adequate conditions to live a happy life. It is an honour to
assist in the achievement of human progress at all levels.

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Chairman, Humanist Association of Hong Kong
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