The Healing Properties of Reiki Jumon (mantra)

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Rose runs the Thursday evening Jumon chanting practice group in Newtown. She relates an experience she recently had with the healing properties of jumon.

Last Thursday night on the last chant (of the evening) we first of all set our intent on placing the people we know in the middle for distant healing and I had placed Jenny in the middle. She had had a heart attack before Christmas and then a bad fall when she passed out a few weeks ago and has not been feeling well for quite some time.

When I saw her on Tuesday and asked how she was she said she felt great and explained that the strangest thing happened on the Thursday night the week before (when we’d placed her in the middle of our chanting circle).

She said that the thought of me popped in her mind and stayed and she was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace, healing, warmth and love. She said she had to sit down as it was so powerful and went into a bit of a meditation and when she came out of it felt great and has ever since!

Of course I was covered in goose bumps and asked her what time this took place as I had not told her anything about placing her in the healing on Thursday. It was the same time as the last chant was taking place!! I was so amazed that the effect was so strong. I was absolutely thrilled.

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