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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “The Haijin Doctor”

Val Finnel

Val Finnel

Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview American haijin Dr. Val Finnel. A haijin is someone who writes haiku. Val uses these haiku to create Photo Haiga. Haiga is the traditional Japanese art of coupling calligraphy with a Japanese form of poetry called haiku. Photo Haiga is a modern version of this where haiku is coupled with photos.

Val has always been heavily influenced by Japanese practices and apart from being a physician he is also a Reiki teacher, Zen practitioner and Zen haiku creator.

Within the system of Reiki, poetry (called waka) was also traditionally taught in Japan by its founder Usui Mikao. The poetry he utilised in the teachings was written by the Meiji Emperor and practitioners were asked to meditate upon them – as in the old version of hatsurei ho that you will find on this page on our website.

Listen to Val discuss:

  • How the system of Reiki and Photo Haiga compliment each other.
  • The purpose of the 3rd and 4th Reiki symbols and the Reiki waka.
  • How to best experience Japanese poetry.
  • The benefits of working with poetry and how it supports a spiritual practice.
  • The rules for writing haiku poetry.
  • Val will also recite some of his favourite haiku for you!

Val’s Photo Haiga website.

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