The Importance of Reiju

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Reiju is important as it is a way for a Teacher of Reiki to communicate energetically with a student.

Reiju is simply a Reiki Blessing, the teacher doesn’t add something or give the student something for them to suddenly be able to channel Reiki, as this was once thought in the west, but simply the Reiju reminds them of their own inner light.

Reiju helps both the teacher and the student to free themselves, of anger and worry and allows space for compassion and oneness.

Because there is nothing to give, there is nothing to change throughout the teachings of Reiki and all the levels. Each student simply takes what they need from each Reiju for their own development, which helps them to progress through each level at their own speed.

A student is simply reminded of what it feels like to be free of attachment throughout the Reiju, which can act as a catalyst for their own personal development.

A student has a taste of oneness, a taste of being free from worry and anger, and feel the essence of the Reiki precepts, which helps them to feel at peace with themselves.

Because Reiki works in layers, and because students personal development can change from day to day, it is important for a teacher and a student to share Reiju regularly. Nothing stays the same everything changes including the way Reiki works on a person so by receiving regular Reiju, you give yourself the potential of flowing freely with these changes, giving yourself the opportunity of your Reiki to open up to a new layer or level of understanding.

Reiju connects the student and a teacher on an energetic level and it also flushes away and clears the energy pathways throughout the body, flushing away stagnant energies, helping the student and teacher to open up and become their true selves again.

Because Reiju is simply a blessing then it can be given as a form of healing, clearing and flushing away stagnant energies. You don’t necessarily need to have to be trained in Reiki or to be on a Reiki training day to Receive a Reiju Blessing. As a Reiju Blessing will help a person to feel a sense of deep peace and be without anger and worry and to feel deep compassion towards themselves. The person will then take what they need from this and hopefully, this will inspire them to live a more balanced life, so Reiju can be given in the same way as a Reiki treatment.

Reiju is not all that needs to be done for a student on a Reiki class, yes it gives a student the opportunity to feel free of worry and anger, and touch upon their own inner light. A student needs to learn the 5 elements of Reiki and practice the meditation and teachings daily, they need to spend a lot of time stoking their own inner light, for them to receive all the blessings of Reiki, so they need both the teachings and to receive Reiju blessings.

Without the Reiju a student may not have the understanding of the benefits of practicing Reiki meditations and techniques daily, as the Reiju is like the spark that ignites their understanding, that the ability to heal lives with inside themselves.

Reiju is a shared experience between the teacher and student, and this can be seen also in the teachings, as a teacher can perform the Reiju and teachings, but the student needs to work hard with what has been taught by the teacher, to experience the essence of Reiki. A Teacher can teach a student so much but you can only really truly understand Reiki by walking the path and working hard with what has been taught.

Reiju helps the student to feel trust within the teacher, and their teachings as the feeling of inner peace that the Reiju brings is so deep, that it becomes evident to the students, that the teacher has worked hard in their practice to achieve the state of mind to perform the Reiju. This can often inspire the students to want to work towards the state of mind and the discipline that the teacher has.

For me there is no greater gift, if you can call it a gift as the teacher is not really technically giving anything, but for me there is nothing greater for both the teacher and the person so say receiving the Reiju, than being able to share Reiju with another person, as it is unconditional, no expectations or control, just literally sharing space and becoming one with the person and the universe, a moment shared where Teacher and student become one with each other, touching and embracing each other’s true selves within the universe.

The Importance of Reiju for the teacher 

When Mikao Usui created the system of Reiki, he put in place the 5 Elements of Reiki, he created the system of Reiki as what is known as a full system. In other words, you do not need anything else or any other add ons for the system to work, you just need to follow and embody the 5 Elements of Reiki.

The 5 Elements are

  • The Reiki Precepts,
  • Meditations and Techniques,
  • Hands-on healing,
  • The Mantras and symbols,
  • Attunements and Reiju,

Mikao Usui taught the system of Reiki as a self-healing system, where healing others was more of a side aspect of Reiki. By following the 5 Elements of Reiki you begin to feel whole again, free of worry anger fear and you begin to find compassion and oneness, with every living thing within the universe.

Reiju is a Reiki Blessing, it is also a ritual of hand positions and it is only when you have been practicing the 5 Elements of Reiki for a long period of time that you can take this ritual of hand positions into a Reiki Blessing. Without following and practicing the 5 elements of Reiki for some time, the ritual will remain a group of hand positions only rather than a true blessing of a Reiju.

Without practicing the 5 Elements of Reiki then a Reiju may feel like an empty hug, not a shared blessing.

Each of the 5 Elements plays an important part in being able to carry out Reiju correctly.

The Reiki precepts help the teacher to not worry or fear about picking up any negativity whilst carrying out Reiju, which helps the teacher to be able to stand there and allow their inner self to be exposed to the student. The precepts also teach the teacher/student to work hard on their daily meditations and practice, the precepts also teach the teacher/student to find compassion to all living things throughout the universe, this helps the teacher to always work from a place of true compassion.

The meditations and techniques help the teacher/student to build up a relationship with their Hara centre and to cultivate Ki energy within their being.

The meditation and techniques also allow the teacher to let go of attachments allowing the teacher to open their mind, dropping the boundaries and allowing the teacher’s mind to expand across the universe. Which helps the teacher to become one with the energies of the universe and the student.

Hands-on healing, mainly on the self, helps the student/ teacher to feel the warmth and compassion from themselves. it helps clear stagnant energies within their energy pathways, helping them to let go of anger and worry, and to find deep compassion with themselves, which helps them to find compassion with others.

The Mantras and symbols help the teacher/ student to become a balance of the Earth and Heaven energies which helps to find the connection with every living thing within the universe.

CKR helps the student/ teacher to remain grounded and focused whilst performing Reiju as it opens the teacher awareness up to Earth Ki

SHK helps the student/ teacher to become in harmony within the universe and opens the student’s awareness to Heavenly Ki. it teaches the student not to be judgemental allowing the Teacher to be able to perform Reiju to people they have never met. A Teacher needs to be able to perform Reiju to all beings, without judgement and SHK helps teach the student accept everyone for who they truly are, both good and bad, this helps the teacher to become one with the person that they perform Reiju with.

HSZSN helps the student to become the right mind, the correct mindfulness to realise their connection and oneness with all living beings. this helps the student to become the correct mind to become one with the person that the teacher performs Reiju on.

DKM helps the teacher to truly feel their interconnection within the universe, which helps the teacher to become one with the student the universe and themselves.

The attunement is the first step for the teacher to being able to perform a Reiki Blessing with the student, using the symbols to help them to achieve the correct state of mind. with practice, a teacher is then able to perform Reiju without using any symbols.

So you can only give Reiju correctly once you have embodied the journey of the Elements of Reiki that Mikao Usui had put in place within the system of Reiki.

Reiju is like a reflection, as there is no real giver or receiver as the teacher performs the ritual but because the teacher and student become one then they both receive the blessing of Reiju. So the more Reiju a teacher performs the more Reiki blessings a teacher receives, with each time you receive Reiju you have the potential of developing your practice to a deeper level.

Allowing the teacher to drop all attachments and concepts allowing the teacher to realise there are no boundaries and truly opening their mind, this is the point the teacher realises that they are no longer a Reiki Master but just a teacher as the expanse of Reiju and their Reiki practice is endless, without boundaries.

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    I love this article. The meaning and understanding of Reiju is so clear.
    This really helps me with my self development and my journey.
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    Thank you Tim, this article has enabled me to look at the Reiju from a different perspective. With the Reiju is the feeling of peace and compassion and to feel free from anger & anxiety for oneself created by sitting in the space of Reiki during the Reiju or is this received through-contemplating on the precepts during the Reiju?

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