The Blessing of Healing

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Within the precepts we find this statement:

The secret method of inviting blessings
The spiritual medicine of 10.000 illnesses

招  福   の    祕  法
shou fuku no hi hou
invite blessings of secret method

萬 病の 靈 藥
man byoo no rei yaku
10,000 illnesses of spiritual medicine

But what does that mean? Well, the answer is in the precepts themselves, as this text is part of the precepts as a whole. The secret method is the embodiment of the precepts, through which we invite the most profound inner blessings within ourselves. This kind of blessing in turn creates space and energy for healing to take place.

This healing is pointed out in the next sentence, “The spiritual medicine of 10.000 illnesses.” Therefore it means that these blessings of no more anger and worry, of being grateful, true to our way and our being, and of being compassionate to ourselves are the “spiritual medicine of 10.000 illnesses”.

Think about it, when we let go of anger and worry, what happens to our mind? It relaxes and opens up and our emotional issues start to heal. What happens then to our energy if our mind relaxes and opens up as we soften our anger and worry? Our energy starts to flow, and our energetic issues start to heal. What happens when our energy flows more freely through our body due to having softened our anger and worry?

Physical healing. Thus the secret method of inviting blessings, the spiritual medicine through which we can heal 10.000 illnesses, is the embodiment of the precepts in every action of our life.

How do we start to embody the precepts? Through performing hands-on/off healing on ourselves as a moving meditation practice, through meditating on the precepts themselves, through meditating on the symbols and mantras, through chanting the mantras, through the moving meditation practice of reiju, and through the meditation techniques taught within the system of Reiki.

Learning and practicing all of these over time will lead to a place where we are living the precepts, embodying the precepts in all we do, and where we can experience the blessing of healing.

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