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Judith Pennington tests Frans Stiene‘s brainwaves while working with the system of Reiki.

See what the EEG machine can pick up about Frans’ personal practice, his life and his work as a Reiki Teacher. 

Without providing too many spoilers – one thing we can tell you is that she said she’s never seen brainwaves like his before and she has worked with many energetic practitioners including those who work with the system of Reiki.

As co-founder of the International House of Reiki, Frans Stiene teaches a specific form of the system of Reiki which aims to go back to the system’s Japanese roots. You can find more about these teachings here. Frans credits the fascinating results from this EEG test to his strong personal Reiki practice.

See Frans Stiene’s response to this video here.

Read Judith’s analysis of this brainwave test here.

About Judith Pennington

An internationally published journalist, author, meditation teacher, and EEG biofeedback consciousness trainer, Judith leads workshops and retreats across the United States and abroad. Succeeding EEG meditation pioneers C. Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise, she uses their unique brainwave mastery techniques to usher people into the awakened, high-performance mind of the masters and the evolved mind of illumination.

Judith Pennington,
Eagle Life Communications
Bath, PA  18014
(610) 837-4166

About Brainwave Technology

Invented by C. Maxwell Cade in 1974 to explore and map consciousness, the Mind Mirror is still the most efficient, effective electro-encephalographic (EEG) biofeedback device in existence. This spectrum analyzer picks up and depicts the electrical activities (brainwaves) of the mind in frequency bands that pulse horizontally. The instrument’s unique pass band filters screen out electromagnetic interference and allow for real-time accuracy.

The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Inc

PS: Thanks to Janet Dobbs for filming this interview and test! And thanks to Deborah Harrigan for taking part in the test with Frans!!

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  1. Avatar of Patrick

    Wat mooi om te zien dat een EEG precies laat zien wat je als dedicated Reiki practitioner “voelt”
    Complimenten Frans en Bronwen met de nieuwe website en GREAT CONTENT !
    met licht en liefde,

  2. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Wow!  What a fascinating video!  For a science junkie like me, here’s scientific evidence of the Great Bright Light state that Frans so often talks about in the class, and personally shifts into in his healing sessions as well as practices with ease.  Thanks for sharing this!  Inspiring!

  3. Avatar of Joe Moon

    This was very interesting.  As a scientist I was wondering why there was no way to measure Reiki energy directly…so now I see that we should be looking between the buttons of our instruments and acknowleging that the absence of something may be just as valid
    Very illuminating!

  4. Avatar of Candice

    This is proof to why I think I have the best Reiki teacher and guide! Great video and great findings! I aspire to be there someday through my practice.

  5. Avatar of Susan Morrish

    This was a really interesting experiment.  However, it woudl have been nice if there could have been a view of the brain wave patterns, comparing those generated when giving healing and the brain in “normal” time.  It would also be quite interesting to see what happens to the waves of those receiving reiki.  But what a great experiment.

  6. Avatar of kathi richards

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Though I am not one that needs proof that Reiki is working it is nice to see that there is evidence for me to share with those that wonder. Like Susan, it would have been nice to see the differences on paper and to see what the receiving persons brain wave patterns looked like, especially when you lined up. Namaste

  7. Avatar of Olga Rasmussen

    I remember having a healing session with Frans just priorto this interview, and found the results very interesting. I wonder, and would love to know if Frans showed any indication of Gamma waves, which been shown in very advanced Buddhist meditative such as those the Dalai Lama allowed to be tested a few years ago.

  8. Avatar of Allison Zopel

    This is an absolutely amazing, and wonderful video! Thank you so much for doing this, and sharing it with all of us on video! I really wish I would have had one of these done while I was in the coma, and going through the process of waking up, and healing myself of severe Traumatic brain injuries, using mainly Reiki. I would have loved to see the different stages of consciousness in my brain as I was waking up, as well as I would like to have one done now, to see how my brain waves appear at the state of consciousness I am in after going through this experience. It would have been wonderful to be able to chart this while going through the experience and be able to compare, but it would still be wonderful to see the way my brain appears now. Where can I have one of these done? How much is the charge? Can you recommend someone who may be interested in working with me? Thank you so much again, and all you are doing for this world. I love you both so much.
    With much love, and light,
    Allison Zopel ^j^

  9. Avatar of Bronwen Stiene

    Thanks for your interest everyone!
    * Hi Olga – about the gamma waves. I believe that particular machine of Judy’s didn’t measure that.
    * Hi Allison – contact Judy and ask her – her details are on the page above.
    * Hi Susan and Kathi – Judy did talk about the brain waves a lot more and about shapes of them and things but we didn’t get it all on video. She said she was going to do some more research work on these recordings.  I shall see if she can get us some still shots to represent the things you spoke of.

  10. Avatar of Sheila Henley

    Oh I’m so excited I’ve always thought this would be a great test. I’ve just watched the clip thankyou very much for sharing this experience Frans and Bronwyn.  I’m very excited to hear this news. I know I won’t use the word powerful,  but how truly amazing Reiki is and the feedback that my clients give this explains what they can’t put into words. I also would have loved to see the ECG in action but just knowing it good.  Being also a hypnotherapsit I feel this level of reiki our clients go to would be similar do you think to that of someone in a level of hypnosis which is bypassing the critical facualty between the conscious and the unconscious mind where there is no judging, distorting or generalising just in a deep relaxed state.  I also get a the similar sensations of energy with a tingling feeling through my body whilst with a client in hypnotherapy even when I’m sitting across from them as I do with Reiki I feel this is also a connection I have that I don’t know If I would experience without my Reiki Healing. Thankyou

  11. Avatar of Michelle Dunson

    Judith Pennington is doing great work.

    She has tested me also during Reiki session and I was more than happy with the results, after all I was taught by the best (IHreiki).  It really increased my confidence in my practice and made me realize “habits” that were hindering her

    I would certainly recommend this if you have the chance to work with her!

  12. Avatar of Matti Täppinen

    Great video, thanks! I wonder, what were the differences Judy had found in the IHR students vs. other Reiki practicioners, probably not the same as with Frans as she said she had never seen that kind of brainwaves before. I’d also love to see the actual brainwave pattern graphics, and a written abstract about the results would be a treat!

  13. Avatar of FRANS STIENE

    Hi All,
    It was amazing to do. The interesting thing was that when I could feel certain energetic things happening within me Judy describe the exact same thing, but she read it from the brainwave patterns. To me it was very interesting that another person can see what is happening energetically and in your mind by looking at the brainwaves.

  14. Avatar of Julie Abrahams

    What an amazing experiment! The results are a complete validation of what you are teaching Frans and Bronwen, it was very inspiring to watch. Is that word even adequate?

  15. Avatar of Paula Michal-Johnson

    So glad to have everyone see what those of us in Pennsylvania pilot tested with Judith Pennington in February, 2011 in Bethlehem.  We certainly experienced the entrainment of brainwaves between some Reiki practitioners and our recipients.  It was also quite obvious when we went into mantras to re-focus that our brainwaves changed.  Judy has some interesting explanations of what she sees as gamma waves in our sessions.  For a picture of us with our space age headsets on go to: http://classicalreikipa.wordpress.com/classical-reiki-pennsylvania/reiki-research/

  16. Avatar of FRANS STIENE

    Hi Paula,
    It is very interesting isn’t it. In reality we do not need to have scientific proof, but still it helps people to see what is really possible with the system of Reiki. It is not just a hands on healing practice, in fact it is so much more then that. Thanks for the link to your website and pictures as well.

  17. Avatar of MARGIT PEACHEY


  18. Avatar of Anya van Til

    Great experiment! Impressive results! And a very clear guideline of what we should work on. It is not what we feel or see or hear while a treatment or a meditation, it is the absence of all that, the stillness or purity of the mind, that brings us to the state of Oneness.

  19. Avatar of FRANS STIENE

    Hi Anya
    Well said! The system of Reiki is not about learning new things but about stripping away all our attachments so that we can re-discover this state of purity, stillness and Oneness.

  20. Avatar of Scott

    Great experiment.  Another neat experiment may be to do “distant” healings with both hooked up to machines.  Doing, say, 10 sessions and actually only 5 of them the “sender” actually doing the treatment and the “receiver” not knowing who the practitioner is.  And of course having a direct side by side comparison of the data.

    I think that these lines of experimentation should be pursed to have a better understanding of what is happening, but at the same time not take it too seriously or else we may end up becoming attached to certain brain wave results or comparing brain waves (i.e. my brain waves are better than yours/my treatment is better than yours).

  21. Avatar of FRANS STIENE

    Hi Scott,
    There are so many interesting experiments we could do, it would definitely help to get more credibility for the system of Reiki.
    Any kind of attachment is in reality an obstacle to our spiritual journey.

  22. Avatar of Janet Dobbs

    I love seeing this video again. I have the honor of being in the room when this was going on recording various points of view. There was so much more going on in the spiritual realm than the computers could register but what was recorded was fascinating. I could “feel” Frans and Deborah as they merged into the oneness and then watch each separate computer monitor that charted the brainwaves. It was quite beautiful. Judith’s explanation of what was seen on the computer screens matched what was actually going on during the healing session. What exciting times we live in where science and spirit are coming together.

  23. Avatar of Julie Heskins

    What a great video Frans.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us all.  For me personally, it truely clarifies what I’ve known in my heart since I attended my first IHReiki retreat at Mission Beach with yourself and Bronwyn.  The Japanese Reiki system, with daily practice, takes you to such a deep level of connection and the brainwave test was such a great way scientifically to demonstrate that.

  24. Avatar of CARMEN

    hI : I THINK someone from here answered me about gamma waves if I work with them, at least once in my life, many years ago.  This lady told me she doesn’t train to work with gamma waves because it could be dangerous for the student practicing… But, there are students honest people, with integrity that like me, I had this experience without any previous training…. How can I be measured with a ruler as if I don’t deserve the training, if that training exists at the present moment ?

    At least the lady answering me should add that a clairvoyant must be present to ” read ” my integrity level.

    I really need to find the key to work with gamma waves to the full extent.



  25. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi carmen,
    People say all sorts of strange stuff.
    the most important way to work with it is to work with your hara/tanden just below your navel so that you stay grounded and centred.

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