“Surviving Covid-19 with the System of Reiki” Panel Discussion

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Bronwen Logan and Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki talk with panellists – Reiki teacher & UKCP registered psychotherapist Jeremy Tatman, and Reiki teacher & registered nurse Helene Williams – about how you can retain your balance through these difficult times.

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  1. Avatar of Scott Kravis

    What a wonderful discussion, thanks for putting the panel together. Much needed in these times.

    I’ve been working from home the previous 2 weeks, and starting this week the company I work for if more less shut down every other week, so I’m taking this opportunity to do a lot of practice. Also have been contemplating what I could do to help and the my conclusion was to stay healthy and stay out of the health care system to relieve the burden.

    There was some discussion about holding space/distant Reiki/intentions for healthcare workers which I also thought about and did, but had no particular health care worker in mind, but this practice quickly morphed into being for all beings, naturally.

    So here is the question, which is more beneficial to the healthcare workers? Am I being lazy and not being able to focus?

    Other ways to help:
    when you see your mailman, garbage man, grocery store worker, thank them from the bottom of
    your heart for continuing to work in public.
    Donate to a foodbank or other charities that are hurting

    This situation also has brought up how lucky most of us in the western world actually are and this is just a small blip, hopefully. In other parts of the world, peoples’ daily existence, for years and some case decades, are filled with fear of war, hunger, displacement……

    I hope this experience awakens more compassion in the west to help people in other places.

    1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

      Hi Scott,

      I think at these times we need to hold all sentient being in mind. For me that is more important. Yes of course we have people “on the front line” so to speak, but it is so much more than that. Many people are loosing their jobs, people at home suffering due to depression and loneliness etc.. and that to me we must not forget. So if we only focus on one group we often forget others.

      When we say we are all in this together we have to therefore keep “all” in mind.

      Indeed Scott we are still so lucky in our western world.


  2. Avatar of Annie Marsh

    Hi just wanted to thank you all for an amazingly helpful and balanced view of the situation, especially when however hard you try to limit overload exposure, staying grounded is difficult.

    I take some comfort in this breathing space for the planet but such a shame it’s taking so much human suffering to achieve it.

    Thanks again and I really appreciate all your care and advice.
    Stay safe, love Annie

    1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

      Thank you Annie,

      Indeed we need to stay centred and grounded, not easy. So lucky we have the system of Reiki to practice.


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