Studying Reiki with Frans Stiene

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I first learnt the Western system of reiki locally here in Cairns, Australia. I really enjoyed my first courses and when a friend asked me to teach him, I happily agreed. From then I began to teach others and I considered leaving my full time job in tourism but lacked the confidence.

Over that time I started to feel there was much more to the system of reiki that I had originally learnt. In my first courses there had been a lot of emphasis on hands on healing. I also questioned the history I had been told and believed reiki to be from Buddhist origins. I wanted to know the truth and explore the self development side of reiki. I came across The International House of Reiki website and never looked back!

As these things happen, Frans and his family were coming to do a reiki retreat at Mission Beach that year, 2 hours drive south of here! I also read the Reiki Sourcebook in preparation for the Retreat and it made so much sense. Over the 4 day retreat Frans discussed different aspects of the system, explaining how he and his wife, Bronwen, had also been sceptical after their first course and went to Japan to discover the truth.

Frans took us through meditation techniques and I found myself feeling much more grounded and connected. I also really enjoyed meeting many like minded people practising in Australia and even one teacher, who had travelled all the way from Canada. I left my full time job and started Rainforest Reiki and continued to study with Frans completing Reiki Teacher/Shinpiden in 2010. His teaching, encouragement and support have inspired me and given me confidence with my own teaching and practice. I strongly believe that as a teacher you must ‘walk your talk’ and I feel Frans does this and continues his own study which is essential. With my own daily practice of meditation and self healing even when the challenges appear I feel I handle them in a much calmer and happier way than I used to.

The International House of Reiki also provide valuable tools for students to use as well so they can continue their practice ie, books, CDs and 21 Day Programme.

I would definitely recommend Frans as a teacher. He presents his classes in a very relaxed and friendly way and is always available if you have questions.

Julie runs Rainforest Reiki in Cairns, Australia.

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