Sister Eileen: Poet, Artist, Author, School Teacher, Catholic Nun and Reiki Teacher Podcast

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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Sister Eileen: Poet, Artist, Author, School Teacher, Catholic Nun and Reiki Teacher”

  • Sister Eileen

    Sister Eileen

Sister Eileen is an amazing individual and beautiful speaker who will have your ears glued to this podcast. She is an exceptionally creative Canadian woman who for 27 years was a school teacher and for some years a principal and most interestingly has also been a Catholic nun with the Sisters of St Anne since her teenage years.

For most of her life she has suffered with scoliosis and it was the gift of Reiki that has helped her to heal physically. According to Sister Eileen it has also supported her spiritual awakening, emotional and psychological healing and opened her up to remember an enormous sense of gratitude for life.

Sister Eileen has worked with Quakers, Ba’Hai, Muslims, church-goers and non-church goers alike. Her method of teaching is to focus on spirituality. She believes that people today are hungry for spirituality, healing and wholeness no matter what their religion or belief.

A friend and Reiki student of Sister Eileen, joins this podcast to share with us her Reiki journey as a testament to Sister Eileen’s great work and the work of Reiki. Her name is Catherine Harvey.

Catherine lost her young son in a drowning accident in 1999 – he thought he was saving his dog. Catherine is a non-Catholic ex-banker whose life became a nightmare as she lost the will to live. A Reiki treatment with Sister Eileen changed all of that and now just 6 years later Reiki is her life. She talks of it as being a warm cocoon of unconditional love which was especially important as she had no living relatives to support her. It gave her hope and brought her back to the light.

Sister Eileen also recites three beautiful poems for us from two of her books.

Celebrate Life

In this down-to-earth poem Sister Eileen writes about the life that she wants to live and share with others. She says, in a most uncharacteristically nun-like fashion, that she wants to “run naked in the wind and find others out there to do it with me”. Listening to this poem reminds us of the beauty of our unadorned physical and spiritual form. Listening to her speak we, too, would like to share this world with Sister Eileen!

The Girl Called Worry

This poem addresses the Reiki Precept: For today only, Do Not Worry. Taken as a journey of one girl, worry is the crippling quality that many of us carry. Sister Eileen reminds us of the need for self-healing and that we are the only ones who can cast this baggage aside. Moving On During a 1 year hermitage she drew the skethces for this book and then 27 years later she realised what these sketches had been intended for…

Moving On

If you’d like to buy Sister Eileen Curteis’s books of poetry or any of her other artisitic related items (including her Reiki book and CD) visit the Queenswood Centre website.

Vist the website of the Sisters of St Anne.

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