Shinpiden Reiki Level III Graduates, Washington DC 2012

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Here is a group photo of the lovely Washington DC Shinpiden Reiki Level III class.


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  1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi All,
    What a fantastic class. Thank you all for such a wonderful 3 days.
    I am getting ready for the 1 day intensive and then off to San Francisco to teach a Shinpiden level III course there.
    Stay in touch!!

  2. Avatar of Alice Risemberg

    What a wonderful four days (I was lucky enough to be part of the intensive day, as well, this time around)!

    I never know what to expect when I take Frans’ classes or meet with him individually. Each time is quite different. I get to find out where I REALLY am in my practice. I have glimpses of what might be ahead on my path. And I share in the tremendous healing, expansive, supportive, and transformative space, exploring energetically and intellectually together, setting the groundwork for my practice for the next month, year, or more.

    My understanding and experience of my life changed during these past four days. Big words, but they are simply the truth.

    Deep gratitude to Frans and everyone who was there, as well as those who were there in spirit with us.


  3. Avatar of Janet Dobbs

    It is going to take me quite a while to take in all that took place this past week both in my private session with Frans, and during the 4 days of intense class (Shinpiden & the Intensive).

    I have attended 6 Shinpiden and 6 intensive training courses. Each one is uniquely different and profound.  I attended the first course in 2007, as a seeker. I had a feeling or sense of knowing that there was much more to the system of Reiki. I found out what that was during that first course. Little did I know that my whole life would change the moment I stepped back into the “real world”. The experience and teachings were 100% in line with what the animals had taught me about practicing Reiki. I knew I was home. I completely changed the way that I practiced my personal practice and the way that I taught Reiki.

    Each passing year, working with Frans both in a group setting and privately, I have been able to take my personal practice deeper and deeper to places that I could not have possibly imagined. Unlike many teachers, I was supported by both Frans and Bronwen and when I had questions, concerns, etc they were there with answers or guidance. When I was ready, I was taught something new to work on and with and moved forward again with my teachings and practice.

    One of the many things that I love about Frans and his teachings is the fact that Frans works very hard and is always going deeper with his own personal practice. That allows him to change and grow. He in turn share this with his students. That is one of many reasons that people re-sit the courses over and over again. They are never the same and we can get out of them what we need and grow as well.

    This year our class was very special. The love was one thing but there was a true desire to learn and soak up as much as one can in that short amount of time. My heart is over flowing with joy to see each person leave the class to take their bright lights out into the world where there live, work, play and travel. I thank everyone for making the class(es) so special and look forward to the next one.

    Thank you Frans

    – Janet

  4. Avatar of Alice Risemberg
  5. Avatar of Micha

    This was my first class with International House of Reiki and Frans. It won’t be my last. I had very high expectations for this class, having been to a talk Frans gave and knowing that there was something unique about him and his teachings. This class far, far exceeded my expectations.

    I could feel the energy shift from the moment I walked into the meeting room. I knew this would be a place of learning and healing. I also knew the more open I was, the more I would get out of the experience. Still, I was blown away by the shifts in myself and the openness and acceptance of Frans and the whole class.

    Putting this experience into words is not easy. I’m sure that I’m not doing justice to the amazing energy, learning, and healing that happened in these three short days. I now feel a sense of potential that I haven’t experienced before. I think that’s what this class is all about; opening you up to become more.

    Thanks everyone,

  6. Avatar of Carol

    Hi everyone!

    The few days since the class have been wild and wonderful. I felt as if I turned a corner I’d been anticipating and avoiding in my practice.  This was a great class for me, my 10th resit, I think, and each one is different.  In this one, I deepened my understanding of the symbols, especially DKM, and found a better grounding in my own practice. Today, I was able to quickly and cleanly ground, energize, and open my heart to be with my first client, even though I’d had a distracted morning, and felt really tired for a moment.  Times like that are really really precious, and come through these trainings as a big gift. Being more able to be present, being able to be more of service.

    So many more experiences in and from this class. Blessings and thank you.


  7. Avatar of Joe Laird

    I didn’t know what to expect on the first day of class, I came with an open mind to hear what you had to teach. I was totally blown away, I couldn’t believe the first day of the morning, it was incredible how much information I picked up. This will definitely help my practice for myself and those around me who I work on. This is with out question the most informed class of Reiki, any questions I had were answerd by youself or by Bronwen quite fast.Your whit and humor also made the class. When I first got there I heard from a good many people that they have taken this class a few times, I didn’t understand at the time but I do now and I know for sure I will be back next year.
    Again thank you so much

  8. Avatar of Paula Michal-Johnson

    Wow.  It’s almost two weeks since the Shinpiden re-sit in D.C.  During, in and after a re-sit there are so many opportunities to see what will come up, witness it, and let whatever is snarling me up to fall away.  Dreams, etc. are so rich during the process. It’s like my own tendencies toward duality surface, I experience non-duality in the force of the larger group, and it continues to motivate me to practice.  So re-sitting is another way deep in.Thanks again. I know, practice, practice,practice.

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