Shinpiden Reiki Level III Graduates, San Francisco 2012

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Here’s a photo of our lovely Reiki Level III Shinpiden group from San Francisco.


Thank you so much Frans for another incredible Reiki journey!  I really feel like I have grown in my practice thanks to your classes and the retreat.
Leah D’Ambrosio – USA

Thank you again for an exquisite weekend.
Stephanie Holland – USA

Frans, You are a beautiful spirit! I am eternally grateful to have you as my teacher!
Karen O’Sullivan – USA

Thank you again. It’s always an amazing experience.
Jody Huth – USA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts and teachings, I am humbled to be your student.
Carrie Higdon – USA

Another amazing adventure. Thank you for being in my life and doing what you do so well.
Candy Gallo – USA

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  1. Avatar of Kathleen Prasad

    Thanks Frans, for your openness and generosity of spirit, your wisdom and compassion, your guidance and all the wonderful teachings and practices. What an incredible journey, isn’t it! Because you grow so much each year, and are so dedicated to the practice, it also helps us to grow so much and to go deeper each time we see you. There is so much to integrate, contemplate and synthesize from these 4 days. Thanks for that. Also, I am so proud to be your student:)

  2. Avatar of Allison Chun

    Thank you Frans for sharing from your heart and your deep wisdom.  Thanks also to Kathleen for making this class happen.  I have so much mahalo (gratitude) for both of you!  I’m also grateful for the rest of the graduates.  I’m still enjoying the afterglow, the feeling of connection and community that we all shared over the weekend.  Love & Aloha to all!

  3. Avatar of kathi richards

    Words cannot explain what happened this weekend of meditations and exercises. So much sharing of life experiences. You, and everyone in the class, have inspired me to practice more, to study more, and to drink more water. Blessings to all.

  4. Avatar of Susan Guyer

    Thank you, Frans, for a very special experience, for sharing yourself with all of us and for allowing us to open up in such a safe and loving environment.

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