Shinpiden Reiki Level III Graduates, Cincinnati, 2013

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Cincinnati2013 A photo of our gorgeous Shinpiden graduates in Cincinnati – and check out the beautiful energy spiral/orb in the photo!

Incredibly powerful class.  Frans is an outstanding teacher. Thank-you very much.
Kim Akey

This class has more than met my expectations! I’m looking forward to
coming back.
Tracey Weidner

This class is one that you cannot miss. It is fun and transformative. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity.
Maria HS

Third time’s the charm. Having followed Frans and his methods and teachings for a number of years, I’ve appreciated the immense growth in my life let alone my Reiki practice (as if there is really any difference). Still, I feel this year’s Shinpiden course was in many ways the most beneficial and transformative yet. It’s as if each year’s work corresponds to yet another step/level/precept. All in all, it’s all a great ^_^.
Andrew Anders

Every time I think I have a grasp on reiki I become surprised how much
deeper I can go with this class. There seems to be no end to to the
depth of Frans depth of spirit and the way he explains it makes more
sense each year. I love this class and my special spiritual teacher.
Jeff Emerson

I got just what I needed.
Jimmy Wehmeyer

No words to describe this class… except wonderful.
Barb L.

Frans, you are an Incredibly Wonderful teacher… you make such deep teachings attainable… and fun. You have helped me truly deepen my practice. I look forward to continually practicing and growing. Thank-you So Very Much!
Sarah D.

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    Many thanks to Frans for this amazing workshop, and to Sundar and Zeynep for making it possible.
    This was an incredible opportunity to deepen my practice, learn from a teacher who has so much to give to his students, and to meet some extra-awesome people along the way 🙂
    Frans’ teaching is accessible, profound, simple, and practical. His methods allow for deep experiential learning, digestible wisdom, laughter, and space for compassionate awareness. He truly teaches through example—I appreciate the example he set forth and the mini-community we had.
    Through the environment he created, I was able to see myself and others in new ways, and how personally, for me, connecting back with this spiritual energy can mean connecting with life itself, and others.

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