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Starting the Shinpiden Training was a huge step for me. The commitment to the third path in Reiki training was a testament to a belief in myself and affirms my connection with spirit. I knew this path would not be easy. When I reviewed the Pre-Shinpiden training, I was overwhelmed, but resolute in stepping into the space I felt I could now fulfill. The required readings, exercises, podcasts, audios and videos were very supportive in my transition. The more I read, and practiced the precepts, mantras and symbols, the internal energy increased. It gave me confidence in performing deeper meditations and result bearing self-practice. I still use the chanting videos Frans so gracefully performed in my own meditative practice.

The Pre-Shinpiden training made me feel I was not alone in this journey. I never thought a distance Reiki class could be so fulfilling. Moreover, the Reiki I and Reiki II training I previously participated in was awesome but did not delve into the Japanese origin of Reiki. International House of Reiki has done a magnificent job in championing the origins of Reiki. A void was filled as I read the “The Japanese Art of Reiki.” Understanding the history of Mikao Usui and the influences he had in developing this unique healing modality in the early 1920s was a mystery to me until I began reading.

As the training continued in New York, I was inspired to see so many practitioners as excited as I was to take the course. Frans is a wonderful human being and is so enthusiastic about teaching Reiki you can feel his energy before he comes into the room. The meditative practices of the mantras were more than I could have imagined. It brought a unique energy into the room; one in which I have yet to re-create in my own environment. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience for me. I felt truly blessed to have been there at that moment in time.

I sit here a little over a month from the Reiki III class in New York and wonder in the light of Superstorm Sandy how lucky we were to have been together in that space at that time. We should all feel blessed and give thanks for our destiny in sharing that unique experience.

In all of this I am learning so much more about myself. The knowledge seems infinite. But I am taking it one day at a time. I am striving not to be so hard on myself by remembering the precepts during my daily activities. I see the precepts so much more clearly in my thoughts and actions. I see it also in nature, as my house is surrounded by trees and a creek. The knowledge of the precepts have given me a better understanding of myself, therefore I am giving more to my clients, friends and family. I facilitate a bi-weekly Reiki share and the intensity of the meetings are so much more distinctive than they were before the Reiki III training. All of the participants feel it too.

I know there is so much more to discover about myself and Reiki. The thought is both intimidating and exciting all rolled into one. In understanding more about the internal (me) I understand more about the external (universe, human beings, and all the creatures of the earth). Through this self-discovery I am able to offer more to myself and others. I am able to share more, be more connected, fully present, and compassionate. The concepts and ideas I use to struggle with no longer have them same significance since I have had the Reiki III training. What an amazing journey! I look forward to each day with optimism, anticipation and a brighter sense of self. I am working on letting go and living for the moment. I utilize the precepts to give me balance and focus, while continuing to read and practice the exercise we learned in the Shinpiden training. In my attempt to live the precepts there is a greater awareness of their meaning in my daily life.

Thank You International House of Reiki

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