Shinpiden Graduates Chattanooga 2011

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chat2011 1 What a lovely bunch of new Shinpiden Reiki Level III students from Chattanooga in the USA.

Here are some of their lovely comments as well:

Thank you for making the light brighter!
Patricia – USA

Thank you for coming to Chattanooga and sharing your wonderful bright light with us. 
Patty – USA

I am so grateful that you are my teacher.
Carrie – USA

Learning becomes teachings
Teaching becomes learning
Blessing to you for sharing
I have expanded more. 
Eva – USA

I continue to be amazed by your simplicity teaching form, I love it!
And Reiki has been so much better without all the dogma and crap that I have learned over the years. 
Don- USA

I feel such gratitude for the time spent with you. You have answered many of my questions without me even asking them.
You have given me encouragement for my journey and I look forward to future teachings from you. 
Lee – USA

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Your bright light enlightens all you encounter. 
Margaret – USA

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